30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. 100% More Peace of Mind. No Memberships fees! We exceed all Covid-19 Protocols, No Crowds– Trip-By-Trip Quotes, with Multiple Aircraft Options. Ask us for a quote, No Credit Card Needed.  Following all Covid-19 Protocols with door to door Concierge Services.


  • Fly in the safest environment with the highest industry safety ratings, ARG/US Gold, Platinum.
  • No Capital commitments, no need for pricey prepaid Jet Cards
  • Seat sharing, your options and risks. Is this a good choice for you?

Private Jet Rentals- How to Rent a Private Jet?

Take advantage of “Unbiased quotes” with multiple aircraft options. Multiple aircraft options and costs, all derived from leading edge technologies and reviewed our team. How to avoid costly memberships and pricey prepaid jet cards.   How to “Fly Private” For support call our airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345.


No group is too small or large. Contact us for competitive rates and availability 24/7. Wheels Up Fast.  Aircraft options included Commercial Jets with 30, 58 (Business) and 160 Standard Seats. (1)702-336-7345 or email. Quoting Charters to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

How Much Is a Private Jet?

How much will your charter cost? The choice is yours- the quotes you receive include side by side aircraft options and information you need! No hidden charges or fees.   

Simply choose your date, your destination and enter your passenger details.  Expect a fully detailed quote with the details you need to make a smart buy.   Vegas Express Jet has an in-house Team of Travel Planners, Air Concierges.                                                                           


Turn to PrivateJet-Advisor:

You can breathe a little easier when you ask us to provide quotes, recommendations for Private Jet Charters, Rentals or Leases. View several Jet options with flight schedules in local times and pricing. You compare and select the best Plane for your mission. All Charter Agreements with Guaranteed Pricing and flight availability are issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators.   


Private Jets with 4-16 Seats


All aircraft are sourced from Corporate Firms and Managed by FAA Part 135 operators.

Private Jets, Leisure Travel

Flying Private allows you to save from 4-8 hours on each travel day—extra time for family travel. With one single message, our Team will be able to provide you with an extensive list of 3 and 4 day customized vacation packages. Over 70% of our guests combine business and leisure vacations—-We will be pleased to include special family activities.  Please contact us, no request is too small.  Covid-19 precautions are in place for all Jet Departures. Ask us for updates on travel restrictions within the US and Europe,

Large Jets

Seating for up to 16 travelers. An interior with a full Galley, Oversized Washrooms plus a special aft baggage compartment.  Expect a large conference table for dining and meetings.  Gulfstream and Global Jet interiors include lay flat seats and bedding for overnight flights.  Range up to 8,200 miles for a non-stop flight from LAX to Peking China.

Pre- negotiated one way rates, open legs and corporate discounts are available. Arrangements will be made for pre-customs clearance. Please text us for short notice departures at (1)702-336-7345. 

Luxury and comfort

Unmatched, personal services to anticipate your highest expectations.

We Fly You To Over 4.000 Airports

You will be able to compare “Multiple Aircraft Options”

“On Demand Charters, No hidden fees”

When you receive a quote from PrivateJet-Advisor you receive an offer from 50 Plus Alliance Partners Nationwide who compete for your Private Charter Business. You avoid Middle-Man Charges and fees. Our Team Members are here to focus on your needs and provide you with Unbiased Options with aggressive point to point and open leg pricing. Need support, text us at P(1) 702-336-7345.

Private Jets 4-30 seats

Dispatchers will follow you flights- We assist with last minute schedule changes in the Air or on the Ground.

“World-Wide Services”

Experience smart moves you can make after you receive  unbiased recommendations for a Jet Advisor. All the options you need to make a smart Private Jet Charter buy! For support –

Tour Packages- “Special Savings”

Save big when you “Bundle” with an Jet and Mansion Stay. You may benefit from FREE night stays. Special offers for Helicopter Tours, Complimentary Transfers and Cocktail receptions. Contact–

Furry Friends

Your “Furry Friends” are welcome–We help you take care of all the details! All our Team Members have Pets! Have questions, contact us.

Gulfstrean, Large Cabin Jet with 16 seats
Fast and Affordable, Secure

Prices, quotes for Private Plane Charters, Rentals and Long Term Leases- contact us.

Luxury Charters

Private Jet
Compare aircraft types and options. Detailed quotes include special PERKS and upgrade options. Commercial, Party and Group Travel. For support contact us.
A team of dispatchers will be on duty during your flight- You will be able to make last minute time and flight changes. Our team of dispatchers will be here to assist 24/7 at P.702-336-7345.
Avoid Traffic on the LAX Freeways, Make it a trip to the Grand Canyon. Any place, any time. For prices contact us.
Air Taxi
Twin Turbo, King Air- Best Choice for short air taxi flights, up to 8 seats. Ask for a quote.
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