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COVID-19 Private Jet I Air Ambulance

COVID-19- Private Jet and Air Ambulance Services

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, we have followed developments closely. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers as events unfold. Our Team Members have been able to process all flight revisions and have been able to expedite full refunds–albeit some travelers have opted for new departure dates for the late summer/fall of 2020. For your consideration:

  • Private Jet Charters depart from Private Airport Lounges operated by Atlantic, Signature at the Van Nuys, John Wayne, Santa Barbara, San Jose and San Francisco Airports. 
  • All operators are ARG/US Gold- Platinum rated for your safety
  • Benefit from Multiple Quotes with detailed flight schedules and aircraft information. All charges and fees are fully disclosed- no hidden fees or charges
  • Flexiblity–last minute change and cancellation options to meet your needs
  • Open Legs, available within 13 days of departure- save from 30-36%. 

Aircraft crew members which include flight attendants will supervise aircraft cleanings during stop-overs. All cleaning products are FAA Approved for aircraft use. Special procedures will be in-place- information will be fully disclosed with your Charter Agreement. As a passenger we may ask you additional questions before we provide you with quotes and flight details.

Lear 31A- Air Ambulance Jet based at San Diego. 7 Seats. Please contact us at P.702-336-7345

It is our policy to connect you directly with Ambulance Operators since we are unable to provide medical expertise to evaluate your needs. Arrangements can be made for Planeside transfers provide the operator has airport authority approvals.  We recommend that you call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345


We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers. This includes ground services, car rentals, hotels or extended stays at Private Homes or Mansions.  All services and special Perks are fully detailed in your Charter Quote. Your Private Jet operator may include special offers for complimentary upgrades and catering options to earn your Charter Business.

Air Ambulance Lear 60 with 7 seats

You’re encouraged to follow the latest updates issued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FAA at “Royalty”.  You will be able to grab one of our virtual tour packages or journey from the Brochure Rack.  Operators, Cruise Lines and Destinations will welcome your return of our Nation and the World to a new normal. In the meantime, we will be here to answer your questions at our airport phone at (1)702-336-7345.


Covid-19 full support and Air Ambulance Services provided by FAA Part 135 operators. PrivateJet-Advisor is a Private Jet Technology portal and does not own or operate aircraft.  All plane charters are sourced on behalf of our customers. We provide “Unbiased” Private Plane Rental, Lease and Charter Solutions. 



Private Jets 4-30 seats

Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter

Experience the difference and benefit from instant cost savings. PrivateJet-Advisor is here to provide you with a wide range of Private Jet options with planes seating from 4-30 travelers.  No need to make an investment in Pricey Membership fees or purchase prepaid jet cards with prices from $5,000 to $50,000

With “On Demand Charters” you fly like you take a trip wit Uber or Lyft–you only pay for the ride without any risks or obligations.  The Team Members at PrivateJet-Advisor are here to provide you with rate quotes and aircraft information which is sourced from 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized flight operators. May we provide you with a fully transparent quote?  You may fly to over 4,000 airports with your very own jet charter or rental. It’s safe and secure–plus you will be able avoid long lines and crowded airports! 

  • Share your flight schedule and number of seats you need.
  • Include you budget plan– are you willing to take advantage of open legs savings. Available within 3-13 days before your departure date. Expect savings from 30-60%.

Renting- chartering your own plane, you have multiple options

Flying Private let’s you save up to five hours per day- no need for early airport arrivals–Your Crew Members will be waiting in the lounge to welcome you on board.  Each of our clients have special needs and requirements. As a team we are here to provide you with cost efficient Charter Solutions.  

Light Jets save fuel and costs- from $2,400 per hour. Call or text for a quote at 702-336-7345. 

Private Jets are available in 5 categories.  This includes the Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Medium Jets, Super Medium and Large Cabin Aircraft.  Seating options range from 4-30 seats. Our team members will be here to provide you with budget friendly flight options–for a short trip to Las Vegas or Disneyland to an overseas journey to Paris or London.

Private Jets can be pricey–for this reason we provide you with rate quotes for Business Class Air tickets to all overseas destinations.  Our Air Concierge Team has full access to special rates on most major airlines.

  • PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with Charter quotes from up to 50 Private Jet Operators. All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized firms.
  • Your quotes include multiple aircraft options—you may request a specific aircraft type.  Or have our team members provide you with a series of cost efficient options.
  • Most flights (70%) are under 1500 miles.  A light Jet like the Cessna with up to 7 seats will address the needs of most travelers.  Budget options include the Phenom 100 Very Light Jet with an hourly charter cost of about $1,900-. 
  • Medium Jet options include the Lear 60 with seating for 7 travelers. This Jet has a fully enclosed washroom, minibar and WiFi services. Prices will range from $3,500- to $4,700 for the Gulfstream 200 Jet with up to 10 seats.  A great choice for Coast to Coast flights

PrivateJet-Advisor, better aircraft options at lower costs

Over 50 Private Jet Charter operators will compete for your business, our in-house Jet Portal will be able to source all aircraft types–this includes last minute charters with cost savings from 30-60%. It’s our mission to offer you unbiased quotes with side by side aircraft options and price detail.

After you receive you price quote you may ask us for a Charter Agreement with Guaranteed Pricing and flight confirmations.  You will receive a confirmation that the flight and crew members are available.

Phenom 100 Private Jet. Rates from under $2.000 per hour.
Phenom 100 Light Jet, 4 seats with pricing from $1,900 to $2,100 per hour. Free support text us at (1)702-336-7345Operators will allow us to share special PERKS such as complimentary limousine services and catering options which are included in your Charter quotes. 

Travel Options, Upgrades and Specials!

Over 65% of all our Private Jet Travelers will ask us for additional services–feel free to explore the following:

  1. Hotel packages at Disneyland, Wine Tours at Napa Valley or a Hawaii Resort Stay
  2. Air and River Cruise package to Europe with Business Class Air upgrades.  Ask us about FREE air options with a wide range of departure dates
  3. Feel free to take pick a brochure from our rack at Royalty Travel. US our in-house travel agency–fully accredited to provide you with “Amazing Offers”.
  4. Take advantage of our knowledge base and a team of Jet and Travel Experts–All your reservations are fully confidential.

Safe and Secure:

After you review you flight quotes and options feel free to proceed and approve your charter agreement.  You will be asked for the names of your guests.  As an Extra Layer of protection you will be paying the FAA Part Operator Direct via Bank Check or Credit Card. You direct payment avoids the middleman- one more way to save!

PrivateJet-Advisor, it’s different:

No need to trust your private jet arrangements to “hungry brokers” with costly memberships packages and jet cards.  No need to sign any agreements with our firm.  Our “Unbiased rate quotes” allow you to make an intelligent charter decision—allow you to secure a great deal for Business Class Air Fares.

As a fully Authorized Travel portal and Agency RoyaltyTravel.US is here to provide you with a wide range of travel options.  This includes discounted Premier and Business Class tickets on overseas flight, two for one cruises with generous shipboard credits or tours and rental cars.  Please grab a brochure of our display rack at RoayltyTravel.US.


Vegas Express Jet, PrivateJet-Advisor and RoyaltyTravel.US are not direct air carrier firms. All flights are operated by FAA Part 135 licensed US carriers. All flights are subject to the terms and conditions of individual Charter Agreements issued by the flight operators.

Royalty Travel US is an Authorized Travel Portal CCRA TRUE 99901760

Administrative Offices located at 5132 Tennis Court Street E.  Suite 101, Las Vegas NV 89120-13

Our Mission:  “Empower our clients to make intelligent decisions”  for all their travel needs.

  • Provide you with unbiased rate quotes for Private Jets with 4-30 seats
  • Offer you rate quotes and aircraft information from 50 plus Alliance Partners- each firm competes for your business
  • All operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated- the highest safety standards in the Private Aviation Industry
  • A full services travel portal which deploys the latest technologies for ground services and a wide range of special Perks. Including discounted Business Class Air Fares to overseas destinations
  • Incentive and Group Travel for Corporate Meetings with Commercial Aircraft
  • Sports, E-Sports and Entertainment programs
  • A fully Certified Team of Jet and Travel Planners to answer your questions, please call us at P.702-336-7345 or email at

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