Month: April 2020

How to fly Private, Price reductions.

Swaths of the country are reopening in the coming weeks and months. As stay-at-home orders recede, getting where you need or want to be is set to change dramatically.

Airlines are cutting flights as much as 90% for the foreseeable future. It’s unsure how soon networks and frequency will be restored. Before the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, those flights took millions daily to important business meetings, family visits, long-awaited vacations and short-weekend getaways.

Large Cabin Jet- support at P.702-336-7345

Private Jet operators offer lower rates, Federal Excise Taxes of 7.5% are no longer collected for the year 2020. Fuel costs are at the lowest level ever, plus demand is down. Jet Operators and Aircraft owners are aggressively competing for your business. PrivateJet Advisor sources quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners–The Operators aggressively bid for your business.

About 80% of U.S. private flights are under two hours, driven by the efficiency of flying nonstop instead of connecting.

“85% percent of the over 600 business aviation executives are very or fairly optimistic about their company’s future”

Then there’s the issue of not getting sick when you travel. With over 45,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., until there is a vaccine or cure, social distancing and minimizing situations where we are in large groups of people will be paramount.

An observatory study done by European private jet charter operator Globe Air found that transiting passenger terminals at airports and flying on a commercial airliner creates around 270 possible person-to-person interactions where one could be exposed to Coronavirus versus less than 20 on private flights.


That research doesn’t even account for bacteria, germs, and fungi that could be lurking on the surfaces on aircraft cabins. It’s not just your tray table. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation found your headrest had the most filth. Its report noted nearly half of the surfaces swabbed on airline flights contained levels of bacteria or yeast and mold that could put a person at risk for infection.

All of the above leads many in private aviation to expect an influx of new fliers. Eighty-five percent of the over 600 business aviation executives on the Corporate Jet Investor webinar said they are very or fairly optimistic about their company’s future, even though business for many is off by as much as 80%.

“Flying privately won’t add years to your life, but it will add years of enjoyment to your life.”

Light Jets save fuel and costs- from $2,400 per hour.

Whether it’s health risk concerns or just getting where you need to be, people and companies that have the means to fly privately, but had previously eschewed it, are now looking going to be looking at the options.

If you’re a person who may have flown privately a few times, or not at all, and never justified the time savings, privacy and efficiency, but are taking a fresh view, this guide is designed to point you in the right direction.

Where do I start?

Excellent question, and one that believe it or not, alpha successful folks don’t always consider as they charge in. The most common source is to secure aircraft options, costs etc. You may have to visit multiple sites- with Private Jet Advisor you receive multiple quotes from highly rated FAA Part operators. The most intelligent process to compare rates, aircraft options. Plus you receive Charter Agreements issued by the operator direct. This includes your aircraft tail number, guaranteed pricing and aircraft availability.

What are the best private jet options for me?

One-off charters are the typical entry point. In industry lingo this is called on-demand. The next option is some sort of jet card or membership program. It’s another form of charter. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 60 providers with policies and benefits varying widely. In fact, I’ve identified over 65 variables that can impact which program is right for you. Our Team Members are here to provide you with options, costs. Yes we help you compare this with Business Class Air fares for trips to Europe,

Private Jets I Save 7.5%

Covid- 19

Traveling during Covid-19 Virus has been more complicated. Airlines have difficulties serving all cities and commuter airlines have been forced to close shop.  For those who need to visit family members or deal with urgent business issues we are here to help. To some extend we may be the very best option for travelers who are dealing with budget options.  Our Team Members are here to provide you with budget friendly options. Whenever possible we will help you find a commercial flight, or combine this with a low cost Turbo Connection. 

To secure a rate quote we do not ask you for credit card information, your name, destination and number of seats will allow us to proceed and provide you with a series of options.  With the help of over 50 Alliance Partners and FAA Authorized flight operators we are here to assist  you during a rough period.  Do consider a Twin King Air Turbo for short distance flights– aircraft in this category accommodate from 6-8 passengers. Hourly rates range from $1,600- to $1,900 per hour.


King Air Twin Turbo, Hourly charter rates from $1,600- to $1,900 per hour. For quotes please contact us at P.(1) 702-336-7345

Save 7.5%

Covid – 19 Legislation waves the Federal Excise Tax on all Private Jet Charters. Aircraft owners, and operators are eager to rebuild a business which has experienced a difficult time. Strict precautions are taken to protect your health and safety. You need to know that your Private Jet will be scheduled to depart and arrive at a Private Lounge–no crowds with safe distancing for all your travelers.  Overnight deep cleaning measures, plus in-between stopovers are completed under the supervision of the Commander of your jet.  May we recommend a number of steps you need to take before you start packing:

  • Our team members will update you on local travel conditions before you arrive.
  • Ensure that the owner/operator has the flight deck staff to operate your flight
  • As your advisor we encourage you to make bookings shortly before departure- this to avoid cancellation and change fees which may be imposed by the operator. 
  • No need to worry, we have experienced ample availability for domestic and international flights.


Lear 31A Fast Jet with seating for 6

Experience the Difference:

Your Private Jet is sourced from 50 Plus Private Jet operators who compete for your business.  Each firm is vetted to meet the highest quality and safety standards ARG/Gold or Platinum, Wyvern.  This provides you with an extra layer of safety.  

  • No credit card required to receive multiple quotes you compare.  Review your flight schedules in local times.
  • Side by side aircraft options, you compare seating, washroom facilities and WiFi information. 
  • Extra recommendations for cost efficient options, allowing you to benefit from extra cost savings
  • Full transparency of all charter costs, your charter hours, landing fees plus detailed costs for local taxes
  • Support from our Airport desk—before your flight, during your journey and after you arrive at your destination we are here to assist. For support call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345.

Special “Perks”

Our Air Concierge Team encourages you to take advantage of our in-house Wedding Consultant and Certified Travel Advisors. No worry, we do not employee pushy sales persons who will promote pricey memberships or prepaid jet cards.  Receive the full services of a Jet and Travel Expert and compare your options.  It’s up to you to make an intelligent decision.  Fly like you travel with Uber or Lyft! Pay for your flight only

  1. Complimentary Limousine Services with meet and greet plane-side services for all Private Charter flights of three (3) plus hours.
  2. Customized catering services for you and your guests–Your will receive a number of Menu options, plus we will be here to provide you with a variety of healthy meal options.
  3. Upgrades at selected hotels for Suite Accommodations at selected properties, complimentary breakfasts and Spa Credits.  Our Concierge Team will handle all you reservations and provide you with rate quotes.
  4. Over 60% of all our Private Jet flyers take advantage of our Customized itineraries- share you wishes and we will provide you with a Custom Crafted itinerary for your review and approval. We also handle your Visa requirements and update you on all travel requirements and restrictions. 
  5. Quotes for International Charters will include rates for Business Class Air Fares on Commercial Airlines. This includes American Airlines, Delta and all major airlines. Fares are based on a combination of air, hotel and car rental bundles. All travel services are provided by RoyaltyTravel.US. This firm is a fully accredited Travel Portal.



Private Jet Advisor is a portal which sources private jet quotes on behalf of travelers from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Receive unbiased quotes with options for several aircraft types. As your advisor our firm does not own or operate aircraft. All Charters are vetted from FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with the ARG/Gold or Platinum or Wyvern Ratings.  You charter agreement is issued by the charter operator and provides you with Guaranteed Pricing and Aircraft Availability. 



Going Places after the Pandemic Subsides

Where are you headed after Coved-19 

Our Private Jet customers are asking our Team Members for options and solutions for safe and secure destinations.  The recovery will take time–most of our exiting clients are searching for shorter journeys at locations which are close to home.

Our Team Members which includes our Travel Group will be here to provide you with options and suggestions. We will continue to share a wide range of Travel and Vacation options.  We are waiting for updates from our partner suppliers.

Why should you consider this three day tour of the National parks:

  • Avoid large crowds- Take a short time to unwind!

  • You will be able to select the camping or hotel options.  The hotels are in the Category III Star group–very basic not in the Luxury Class

  • For many of us–we are all focused on restarting our business, time is limited.  Yes you can afford three days!

  • Concierge services are provided by Royalty Travel. us. A fully accredited team of travel advisors.


Please take a moment to visit our Travel Agency Brochure Rack at RoyaltyTravel.US  – grab a brochure and prepare for a wide range of tour and travel programs coming soon. Provide us with your e-mail address or call us at P.(1)702-336-7345.



Tour Description:

This 3-day immersive experience is for anyone looking to see the greatest parts of the Southwest on a tight schedule. Start the tour off on day one with Zion national park and end with an exploration of the magnificent hoodoos in Bryce Canyon national park. This tour gets better and better as you get deeper into the real Wild Wild West. Tour Antelope Canyon, overnight in Monument Valley and gaze into the mysterious depths of the Grand Canyon before heading back to the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas!

Important Information:

Departs MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS mid April-  Oct 31st and any day departure for bookings of 6 or more guests.

All camping equipment provided. Sandwich style lunch and Monument Valley jeep tour included.A lodging version of this tour is available.

All participants must be 7+ years of age.

Contact us with your preferences, we will keep you updated with messages on program startup dates and availability—-we will be delighted to place you on our “Priority List”.  The 3 Day tours depart from Las Vegas—arrive by car, commercial air or Private Jet.


Book NowCamping option–(Keep me updated)*
From $695 per person

Book NowHotel option–(Keep me updated)*
From $940 per person

Book NowPrivate tour– (Keep me updated)*
From $940 per person

Note: The private custom tour is any day departure and will run in the opposite direction with overnight stops at the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell.

Keep me updated*

  • Please send us a short message with your preferred dates and size of your group.
  • Availability will be limited- place your name on our standby list.
  • No need for credit cards—contact us.


  • Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon walks & hikes for every fitness level
  • Expert tour guide
  • Navajo guided Monument Valley 4X4 jeep tour included
  • Spectacular photography inside of Antelope Canyon
  • Monument Valley sunrise
  • Leisurely stroll along the grand Canyon South Rim
  • Small groups tour max of 14 guests

Coming Soon:

We will continue to respond to all your questions, please feel free to ask us for quotes and travel options:

  • Commercial airlines will return to service in major markets—overseas flight may be subject to new Government requirements.
  • Private Jet options will allow you to travel to up to 4,000 airports. Please ask us for quotes, aircraft availability.
  • Private Jet Advisor provides you with unbiased reviews, options and quotes allowing you to make intelligent decisions. 
  • For support contact our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. 


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology and Private Travel portal.  Private Jet advisor sources Charter quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners- flight operators which are FAA Part 135 Authorized.  Privatejet-Advisor does not own or operate Private Jets. Royalty Travel US is the Concierge Department for Private Jet Advisor. A fully accredited travel agency and portal.