Month: May 2020

Private Jet, Air Ambulance Services

Private Jets

PrivateJet-Advisor help you secure quotes from 50 Plus operators. Helping you compare aircraft and pricing side by side. You decide, No Credit Card needed to secure your best pricing

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Private Jet, Air Ambulance Services

Prices for Private Jets

Before you make an investment in a Private Jet Membership, or pricey Jet Card with an up-front payment of $50,000 to $250,000 consider the message from JetSuite.

Private jet charter operator JetSuite, which sells Phenom 300 jet cards, is halting operations. The move reflects a steep dive in private travel from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Closure of many hotels and resorts has meant aside from second homes and emergencies, there are few places to travel.

In a message on its website, JetSuite stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting state of emergency around the country has caused an unforeseeable, dramatic downturn in the entire aviation industry.”

King Air Twin Turbo, 7 Seats

“On Demand Charters” do not require you to purchase Memberships or Prepaid Jet Cards. PrivateJet-Advisor will secure a bid on your behalf from 50 Plus Private Jet operators. Each firm competes for your business.

You receive a totally “Unbiased quote” with aircraft options and rates from multiple operators. You will be able to view aircraft and rates side-by-side

  • Receive your flight schedules in local times, plus flight hours and distance flown
  • View aircraft photos, interior and exterior with seating plans and information. This include WiFi options, washrooms, galleys and baggage access.
  • Prices will be detailed for each aircraft type, this includes the costs for Charter Hours, Extra Costs for Crew Members (If Any), Local Airport and Facility Charges and Segment fees. (No Federal Taxes FET Federal Excise taxes apply for the remainder of the year 2020.
  • Your quote will include special “Perks”- expect special offers for Limousine Services, Hotel Upgrades and Complimentary catering options.
Phenom 100, 4 seat interior by BMW

PrivateJet-Advisor is a dependable source for your Charter options. You may expect better rates since all quotes are directly sourced from the FAA Part 135 Authorized firms. No need for credit cards when you ask us for quotes- no obligations unless you plan to accept the quote as offered. PrivateJet-Advisor will provide you with a Charter Agreement issued by the operator direct to you. All rates and flight schedules will be guaranteed. As a next step you will be requested to pay the operator direct.

Avoiding the “Middleman” lowers you costs–no long term commitments on your part. Our Team Members will be here to ensure that you receive all flight tickets, airport information and details such as the Tail Number for your flight. In the meantime, you may call our airport phone at (1)702-336-7345.


Private Jet Advisor is a Technology and Travel Portal which provides you with Private Jet quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. All firms are ARG/US Gold-Platinum rated. All our International quotes include Business Class rates provided by our Concierge Team at Royalty Travel.US.