How much is a Private Jet

Lear 60- 6 seats

Private Jet, requests we address for you:

PrivateJet-Advisor receives hundreds of requests weekly for Private Jet Charters.  Price and Value are on the shopping list. You’l be able to locate lots of shopping sites with a bewildering list of Private Jet Charter, Rental or Lease options.  Experience the difference when you ask Private Jet Advisor for quote–no “Pushy Sales People”. 

Our Mission, to provide you with unbiased aircraft charter options,  with Multiple Quotes and Aircraft types. No risk or obligations from your side—all transactions are fully confidential.  Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter operator.  Better yet, we share “Multiple Charter” and plane options allowing you to compare side by side.  Schedules are in local times, costs, fees and detailed without any hidden fees or charges.  We understand that experienced flyers will request a specific aircraft type–no need to worry we will respond with better prices and options and unmatched support!

Anticipating your needs, with:

RANGE:  The distance a Private Plane will fly without the need for a fuel stop.  Research shows that over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles, or under 3 hours.  Very light jets, which includes the Phenom 100 with 4 seats has a range of 1,300 miles or 3.2 hours. Upgrading to a Medium Jet, this includes the Phenom 300 and Lear Jet 60 will increase your range to 3.5-4 hours or distance of 3,000 miles.  Hourly charter prices for the Very Light Jet with 4 seats range from $1,995 to $2,100 per hour.  You costs for a Mid Sized Jet with 6 to 8 seats will range from $3,300 to $3,600 per hour.

ECONOMICAL OPERATION:  You can’t beat the costs and fuel consumption of a Very Light Jet.  Direct owner costs for Crew, Fuel and Ownership will be close to $1,300 per hour. This ownership cost will be substantially higher at airports with Fuel Costs of up to $6.00 per Gallon.

CABIN AMENITIES AND COMFORT:  Travelers are very satisfied with small cabin jets on flights under one hour. Based on the feedback we receive a larger cabin is important on longer flights.  Our clients prefer a Jet with a fully enclosed lavatory and WiFi. Wider seats and entertainment systems are requested for longer flights. On a Coast to Coast flight we recommend the Super Midsize Jets with a stand-up cabin.  The most preferred planes in the category are the Gulfstream 200 with up to 10 seats and the Challenger 604 with 10-12 seats. Expect hourly charter rates from $4,400- to $4,900 per hour.  A weekend journey from LAX to Palm Beach will be priced around $44,000.

THE AIRCRAFT AGE:  Most of the inquiries and Charter requests we receive from our Commercial Clients deal with the age of the Charter Jet.  Most prefer the newest, not older than the year 2000. 

MODEL’S ACCIDENT HISTORY:  The information we provide for our clients and quote requests will detail the Aircraft Operators FAA Part 135 License and tail number. This is fully detailed in your charter agreement allowing you to track the history and ownership of the aircraft.  We maintain an Alliance with 50 plus operators. Each firm is ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. 

IN-FLIGHT:  Expect details for standard catering and menu options for your flight journey. More flyers prefer salads and or hand crafted sandwiches. We include such options in your Charter quote allowing you to decide. 

OUR MISSION AT PRIVATEJET-ADVISOR:  Expect multiple quotes, aircraft schedules in local times. Fully transparent quotes which include all taxes and fees. No last minute upcharges.  Plus you benefit from special benefits and upgrades extended by our Travel Partners for destination specials at LAX-Orange County, Disneyland, Hawaii, Orlando, Caribbean, Italy and Paris, London. Tailor crafted itineraries for Luxury Travelers by our fully Accredited Agency Royalty Travel. US. No request is too small.  For discounted Business Class Air Seats and Hotel Perks.


Better solutions with “Unbiased Solutions” from 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized operators. As your Advisor we are here to help you secure the best Jet Charter or Rental for your journey.  Charter Agreements are issued by the Operator and details your flight schedule and detailed costs. Benefit from our advanced technical search engines and ability to provide you with Open Legs at cost reductions from 30-60%. All our Team Members are Certified Jet and Travel Advisors.  For credentials please contact us at 


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