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Pet Travel by Plane I Pet Lovers

Pet Support by PrivateJet-Advisor

Our Office Pet Corey will agree, our Pets are an important part of our life. Traveling with Pets needs some research and planning.  Our Team Members handle a large volume of Pet Requests for Commercial Airlines and Private Jets.  Private Jets can be pricey– may we recommend that you consider our “Hitchhiker Fares” with discounts from 30-60%.  Flights in this group are environmentally friendly since the aircraft has been deployed on a booked flight.  You will appreciate you ability to depart from a Private Lounge (FBO) without the lines and need to spend your time at the ticket counter or deal with the TSA.

Can we assist?

Sorry we do not have any “Cookie Template responses”.  Your flight and the needs of your furry friend require us to ask for the following.  We will help you with the following options:

  • Commercial Air for Guide Dogs with proper documents
  • Shared seat, seat options for your dog on Jet Charters—you will need to book a seat for your and your pet!
  • A private jet for your full use and occupancy–you will pay for the entire aircraft. 

We welcome a picture of your furry friend with weight and size information. We limit your option to Dogs and Cats—sorry we do not have the capabilities to handle birds and other animals. 

Pet Friendly
Take your furry friends with you with the help of PrivateJet-Advisor,com contact us at P.(1)702-336-7345

You may need additional support services, your responsibilities:

Members of our Concierge Team will be here to help you with ground transportation, hotels, car rentals and ensure that the firms are Pet Friendly.  Some impose additional fees and charges for room cleaning etc.

  • Make certain that you have all the vaccination documents for your pet
  • You need a ‘Pet Passport” for international flights.
  • Special restrictions apply for states like Hawaii
  • You may need a special harness for your pet’s safety on-board your flight
  • Recognize the needs of your Pet–a stop-over may address this issue, you know the needs of your pet!
  • Restricted travel for Pets–leave in the early morning during the cool days of summer
  • Operators may have restricted travel dates during the summer
  • Some aircraft have better accommodations for Pet kennels, for example the Gulfstream Jets have baggage compartment which can be accessed in-flight.

Share you needs:

Please contact on of our Team Members at P.(1) 702-336-7345 or use our form for a fast response!