Concierge Services I Day Trips and Weekends by Private Jet

Private Jet I Day Tours to Disney I Wine Journeys!

Your Private Jet let’s you enjoy more time at your destination without the need for long check-in times at airports.  No TSA and a just in time arrival is perfectly OK.  PrivateJet-Advisor has a team of Air Concierges which include a Wedding Consultant, Travel Planner and a Mansion Specialist. As always you can expect fully detailed quotes for your Private Jet Vacation packages.  All programs include special “Perks” and Upgrades. The Private Jet saves you time to enjoy more quality time with your family–it’s comfortable and secure with departures from Private Airport Lounges.  We help you select the best plane from the 50 Plus Alliance Partners who are here to make a compelling offer to secure your business.

Each of the day trips or weekends are best solutions for busy executives with very limited time–with the use of a Private Jet you will save several days of travel time with instant departures–no need for early airport arrivals, avoid long lines at TSA check points. Our Team of Air Concierges will help you select a best buy on a Private Jet Charter or Rental. Please call our Airport Desk at P.(1)702-336-7345.

Wine Journeys, California and France.

Have time for a weekend Getaway to Hawaii, The California Coast, Wineries of the Exiting Las Vegas Strip– our Team will be happy to oblige with a custom tailored Weekend and Day Package.

Your customized itinerary will be yours within 24 hours with detailed Jet and Ground Services. Help us expedite your custom crafted itinerary–please call our airport desk at (1) 702-336-7345. 

  • DISNEYLAND ANAHEIM CA–Take a Private Jet for a day-trip or weekend.  It’s about 45 Minutes from the John Wayne Airport to Disneyland.  Your limousine or Uber Black Car will take your first to your hotel or directly to Disneyland. One of our Team Members will take care of your Private Jet, Ground Transfers and Tickets.  Let the magic begin with your needs–we will make it work for your and your family- call us at P.702-336-7345 or email us. Your private Jet Charter costs for 4 travelers from $6,000. 
  • CALIFORNIA WINERIES, NAPA VALLEY, PASO ROBLES, SANTA BARBARA:  Fly from LAX, San Diego or Las Vegas for a day journey or weekend to Napa, Santa Barbara or Paso Robles. Arrive in the midst of 100 plus wineries with great Cabernet wines and the ability to sample wines, dine at One Star Restaurants or take the Wine Train for a Luncheon Voyage. Extend your stay to weekend, play golf or visit one of the Spa’s.  Our Concierge Team will provide you with a custom itinerary and detailed price options. The Phenom 100 is a great choice for your day trip–Budget options for 4 travelers from $9,000 to $12,000. Also available Twin Beach Turbo Prop Sightseeing aircraft with seating for up to 19 guests, seat costs- pro-rated from $1,000 per person for the air portion of your wine journey!  Options for Patio Wine Receptions and special wine pairing—we make it work for you.  Visit Castoro, Opolo and Sextant.
  • THE FAMOUS LAS VEGAS STRIP.  Stay at the Wynn-Encore or the Edgy Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip—-include a Helicopter Trip to the Grand Canyon and leave some time to drive with an exotic car.  No need to worry, we also offer a “Learning Experience” with Chocolate dipping on the Strip.  Depart from Burbank, LAX, John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego or Bakersfield. Special offers for Midweek flights (Tue/Thu).
  • Maui HI or Hilo—-Make it a very special getaway with your private jet with up to 14 seats. Your weekend charter costs with range from $45,000 to $50,000 for your entire party.  Your hotel options are unlimited with special Beach Parties and receptions. Depart at any time from San Diego, LAX, Phoenix or Las Vegas. Share your wishes for a Wedding Party or special event. We welcome last minute requests—–
  • Europe is the place for a Romantic Holiday or a Business Incentive.  We take you to the places non-stop. Fly to Florence IT, or Bordeaux FR, or make it a Paris-London Combo. Shopping at Harrods or a Dinner party at the Eiffel Tower “we make it happen for you”.  A custom crafted itinerary with options and pricing will be yours within 24 hours—-start packing and make sure you have a valid passport.  Options include you own 14 seat Global Business Jet—or Business Class seats via Commercial Air on American or Delta Airlines.
  • Your Air Concierge will contact you to ask your for your special preferences and wishes- no need to worry about the details. Feel free to ask us for a fully detailed proposal and pricing. Please visit our Concierge Website with the latest updates–


All Private Jets are operated by FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum Ratings. The Very Best–all the ground services are coordinated by a Team of Air Concierges, Certified Travel Ratings CTC.  A fully accredited ARC/IATA True agency which offers special Perks and Rates for Business Class Air, Cruises and Upgrades at Luxury Hotels. All flights are operated by FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators. All Charter Agreements are issued by on of our 50 Alliance Partners.  All the aircraft options are Unbiased and Created for your personal or business travel.