How much is a Private Jet? Discover and learn how to avoid costly mistakes when you Fly Private.

Discover how to Fly Private with the Rental of a Private Jet? During these unsettling times, travelers are looking for solutions. PrivateJet-Advisor is Jet and Travel Portal which offers “Unbiased Quotes” and the lowest pricing for Private Jets. Keeping you safe with FAA Part 135 Operators and leading safety standards. Need a quote

Travelers are planning to Fly Private to avoid large crowds. A better solution for at risk family members. You will be able to select from all types of private jets with seating for 4-16 Passengers–Download here to secure all the details and lowest Jet Rental Costs. For a quote visit.

Henderson Airport , Gateway to the Las Vegas Strip for Private Planes

How to charter?

If you are most first time flyers, you will start your search on the Web. As a first time Jet Flyer you may be confused since the quotes for aircraft are at best confusing—some charges and fees may be added at a later time–or you may need to sign-up for Memberships or Pricey Jet Cards. Talk to one of our team members at P.702-336-7345. For quotes visit.

  • Private Jet brokers have the ability to provide you with a wide range of options. Prices are sourced through various technology systems. The Broker will share a quote which includes a commission mark-up for his business. Some brokers may encourage you to buy Membership packages or Prepaid Jet Cards. Great sources for profits.
  • Aircraft Operators manage a fleet of aircraft for owners–the firms will be offering their own aircraft before they consider your needs. Make certain that you have the ability to secure a specific aircraft type which is best suited for your seating requirements and flight distance. (Range).
  • Fractional Ownership where you purchase partial ownership (Typically 1/7th) is designed for large corporations or individuals who are sports pros. Jet Cards which require Up_Front Payments for $25,000 to $250,000 are not a good investment for travelers who fly under 100 hours per year. For most traveler “On Demand Charters” are a better choice. You charter a Jet like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft–you simply pay for the flight and have no on-going obligations.
Private Jet- Gulfstream 14 seats
Gulfstream 16 Seats- contact PrivateJet-Advisor

How to fly Private, Best Solutions.

Covid-19 is driving demand for Private Jets. Don’t be tempted to make a deal with an aircraft owner, or private party without checking their legal Authority to offer seats are Jet Charters. Scammers may take advantage of you. Expect a Charter Agreement which fully discloses all information—-

PrivateJet-Advisor. Support at P.702-336-7345

Know before you buy, you will experience a bewildering number of choices. As your advisor, it is our mission to provide you with “Unbiased Quotes and Jet Options”. All quotes are fully detailed. Your Charter Agreement is issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter firm with the aircraft Registration information and the name of the Operator. You will be the Charter Party and Approve. Payment instructions will be included–you always pay the operator direct!

  • Take a moment and ask PrivateJet-Advisor for a quote. Take a date, time and your destination. Let us know how many seats you need.
  • Form the moment we receive your request, one of our team members will search our in-house data base for the best aircraft options and secure quotes from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm is vetted based on past performance and safety ratings.
  • No need to provide PrivateJet-Advisor with Credit Card information- no obligation for the quotes and advise you receive.
  • Operators compote for your business, our clients are serious about their desire to “Fly Private”.
  • Making it easy to compare aircraft rates, aircraft options and charges are shown in a custom quote with side-by-side pricing and features.
  • “Operators may include Special Perks” this includes special bar and catering services, limousine transfers and other services. Fully detailed in your quote.

Private Jets, Open Legs

Open legs are flights which are operated from the aircraft home-base to meet passengers for flights. This also includes empty, non revenue flights which return to base after passengers are delivered to their destination. Operators will discount the Open Legs from 30-60%- any revenues earned with offset the costs for fuel and crew. Open Legs are typically available and posted in our Reservations system within 3-13 days before flight operation. One of our Team Members will be pleased to assist and keep you updated on availability.

Open legs are great deals, however you need to accept some risks. In the event the original charter is cancelled, rescheduled or rerouted the open legs may not be available at the last moment. Understand the risks and be prepared to book a private jet flight at full rate–or fly commercial. Open Legs are a great option for travelers with “Flexible Schedules”.

Pick a Plane, your best options:

o Very Light Jets

Did you know?–over 70% of all Charter flights are under 1,500 miles or under 3.5 hours. A” very light”, which includes the Citation CJ3 is one of the very best options. With up to 6 comfortable seats.

Citation CJ3 Very Light Jet 6 Seats- A Best Buy, Year 2009 . WiFi

This includes trips from LAX to Seattle, or Dallas to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City to Scottsdale, Dallas to Houston or New York to Boston. Operated by a Captain and first officer, this spacious jet has a fully enclosed washroom and WiFi entertainment. Typical hourly rates range from $2,400 to $2,700 per hour. Peak weekend rates could be higher in the LAX to Las Vegas market. May we provide you with a quote for your flight?

o Midsize- Super Midsize Jets

Midsize Lear 60, 6 seats, Full Washroom and Mini Bar!

You may need to upgrade to a Midsize or Super Midsize Jet for trips from Miami to New York or Austin to Boston. Mid-Size Jets like the Lear 60 have seating for 6 passengers. Expect hourly rates from $3,400 to $3,600 per hour.

o Super Midsize- Large Cabin Jets

Challenger 601-604 with 12 seats, Galley Oversize washroom and Flight Attendant

Business Jet and Vacation Travelers with families prefer the Super Midsize group of Jets. This includes the Challanger 601-6-4 series with up to 12 seats. The Gulfstream 200 with 10 seats has a Large Cabin Interior with a conference table, forward galley and a spacious washroom, much preferred by lady guests. This type of Jet is well suited for Coast to Coast flights, LAX to Orlando or Dallas to Nassau. This type of Jet may include the services of a flight attendant. The Galleys are well suited for gourmet dining aloft! Expect hourly charter rates from $4,400- to $4,900 per hour.

Private Jet Rental
Charter Flight, Rentals- we assist with quotes and bookings

Private Jet Charters, 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership. For quotes visit us.

We will be here to assist with any quotes. Each quote and aircraft is based on the very best plane for your trip. This helps you avoid aircraft with too many seating or planes which will be required to make multiple fuel stops.

Expect full transparency, fully detailed costs without any hidden charges or last minute fees. As a matter of fact, we may include suggestions for steps you may take to further reduce your costs. Using an alternate airport may be a big cost saver to reduce flight time.

We disclose risks and options in your charter agreement- the Charter Costs and Aircraft type will be fully guaranteed. The Registration of your Private Jet Charter and the name of the FAA Part Operator are fully disclosed. All our Alliance Partners- Part FAA 135 Operators are in full compliance with all FAA and DOT regulations.

Your flight documents are issued 7 days before departure and include your airport information, your aircraft tail number and names of your Captain and First officer.

Plane Side Boarding during Coiv-19

Covid 19 Precautions, Protocols

Our Concierge Team is pleased to introduce you to our Door to Door Concierge Services. This option offers a seamless Private Jet Experience which is totally focused on the need for at risk travelers. Or for those who like to avoid airline terminals and the TSA.

Your program commences with a meet and greet service at your Residence, Office or Resort with a Private Car and Driver. You will transfer directly to secure airport tarmac area where your Private Jet will be waiting. With a “Plane-Side” boarding you enter your plane. No lines, No waiting and no crowds. The same process applies when you arrive. Our Team Members will develop a flight plan which is tailor made to address your needs. Please contact us at P.702-336-7345

Support is here:

-> Flight and Team Members are here to assist at the Very Last Moment. Wheels-up within 4 hours.

-> Travel planning with custom itineraries for all your travel needs–we will be pleased to schedule a phone call with on of our Travel Advisors.

-> You do not need a Credit Card to Secure Jet Quotes or Custom itineraries. Please call us at P.702-336-7345 or E:Mail.

-> Make Certain that your Charter Agreements fully disclose the Registration of your Jet and name of the Operator. “PRIVATE JET WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR A CHARTER PAYMENT–“PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE NOTED IN YOUR CHARTER DOCUMENT” ASK US AND BE SAFE, P(1) 702-336-7345.

Our Credentials:

We were born to served the Travelers at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Club. Ann our Senior Advisor assisted the Movie Producers with Overseas flights and itineraries. Our Las Vegas Resort owners referred their VIP Travelers to us for Private Jets. We started our Jet Services in 2001. Our Team Members include Jet and Flight Experts from American Airlines with a background in ground services, aircraft sales and leisure marketing. All information you share is confidential–we never post photos or images–nor do we share flight schedules and itineraries with others unless, we receive your written and prior approval. Our firm is a Jet Portal and Travel Operator with the Signature Network. Upgrades and special perks are extended by our Private Jet Alliance Partners and Ground Services firms. We are compensated for our services by our partners.

All charges, handling fees for itinerary preparation are fully disclosed. No hidden fees or charges apply at any time. May we suggest that you pay by credit card during the Covid-19 crises since Airlines, Charter Operators, Hotels and Tour Operators may face cash flow issues.


PrivateJet-Advisor serves its customers in obtaining air charter services from carriers that are fully certified and insured by the country of the airlines registration who remain solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by on behalf of their clients.  PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct or indirect air carrier(s) and does not own or operate any aircraft.  All Charter Agreements are issued directly to the client with Guaranteed Rates, Aircraft registration, including the “Tail Number” and Ownership of the aircraft.  All Charters operate under FAA Part 135 Authority. Ground Services for transfers, hotel accommodations are provided by Signature Affiliated Agencies.  Please pay the operator direct.  Carefully review the terms and conditions before you make a payment.  Ask about the availability of cancellation policies which may be available.  Covid-19 Travel requirements or restrictions may apply.

All quotes are limited to FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings.  Questions, contact us at P.702-336-7345, for quotes visit our home page.

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