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Gulfstream 14 seats

The Private Jet impact on the environment

The raging fires in Australia have impacted many travelers who are considering a Private Jet Journey. The European’s have advocated the termination of all Private Jet flights by the year 2015. Others have been focused on the use of Carbon Taxes.  At this time we are not aware of Federal programs which mandate special fees or flight requirements- or restrictions. For those who are using the Private Jet to travel to over 3,000 plus airports not served by the commercial airlines the questions raised are–what should I be doing as a responsible business man or Jet Flyer. For the Road Worrier more car miles and longer hours are not the answer. 

Our Team at PrivateJet-Advisor is now receiving more inquiries for charters with the request that we address carbon emissions. You may conclude that a fully occupied B737 has a lower footprint since the per seat pro-rated carbon emissions are the lowest.  This with the assumption that all seats are fully occupied. Expect the carbon burn to increase on flights during the off-peak periods with empty seats.

It is our goal to expand our Charter Quotes to include the Carbons Burned with each quote–this may cause travelers to opt-in for aircraft which are fuel efficient and reduced emissions.

Regretfully, it’s not a simple calculation as you might think. If the plane has been scheduled for a specific destination and you join the flight it would be like “hitchhiking the most efficient way to fly with ZERO impact on carbons.

Based on information we secured from the US Energy Information Administration, jet fuel produces 9.57kg of CO@ per gallon burnt. A Boeing 737, one of the well known commercial planes will burn 750 Gallons per hour- or 2,250 Gallons of fuel producing 21,533kg of CO2.  On a full flight with 150 to 160 seats this is 108kg per traveler for the flight.

Estimates for Private Jets

Some estimates say private jets produce 10 times the amount of carbon per passenger. The calculations clearly vary depending on the make and model aircraft being compared, the number of passengers per flight. Since each flight may have a unique engine configuration estimating carbon burns are difficult to estimate. 

Reducing your Carbon footprint- Hitchhiker flights!

  • Maximize the use of all the seats on your plane. The carbon burn per aircraft remains the same–however the carbons generated per passenger are reduced.
  • Our Team Members will encourage you to opt for smaller jet–for example we may suggest your consider a Super Midsize Jet with 10 seats and forego the need for 14 seat Heavy Jet.
  • Your “Hitchhiker Options” We will help you secure a empty legs (available 3-13 days before departure) with cost savings of 30-60%. The flight may be returning to base–or meet and greet passengers. The carbons for this flight are being reduced since empty seats are being replaced by revenue passenger.
  • The Team Members at PrivateJet-Advisor may encourage you to make a contribution towards groups who are focused on reforestation. 
  • We are looking for solutions which we can share with travelers who finalize their reservations payment process. At that time we like to introduce a number of options which allow passengers to make a single contribution to a number of groups or organizations which have worldwide recognition and credibility.

Our in-house Team is moving forward with a totally paperless process.  Our information and records reside in the cloud–our use of paper, toner cartridges is way down.  Hopefully others will follow.

Please stay tuned, we have many clients and friends in places like Australia who deserve our help and support. It’s unrealistic to expect that all folks will stop traveling by Commercial Air or Private Jet.  Finding solutions and partnerships with all groups which are responsible for carbon emissions is a good first step. Supporting air charter operators who use Bio Fuels is also a good option—albeit supplies of the Bio fuel approved for aircraft is limited.

Addressing your needs, plus the environment

We welcome your inquiries and requests for Charter Quotes. Each of our Team Members has a very special mission. This is to provide you with Unbiased Charter quote and options.  Whenever possible we will continue to offer “Multiple Airrcaft” options—the lower priced aircraft options are based on a specific aircraft type which may be more fuel efficient. 

Over 40% of all Charter Costs are directly related to the cost of fuel consumed during a specific period of time–or charter hours.

VERY LIGHT JETS:  Over 70% of all Private Charter Flights are under 2,000 miles.  The Phenom 100 is a 4 seat airplane wit an interior designed by BMW.  Large swivel seats are comfortable with a large sized baggage compartment which is well suited for your Sports Gear, suitcases and ski gear. Expect charter rates from$1,990 to $2,100.  Consider an upgrade to the Cessna CJ3 with up to 7 seats. The Phenom Burns about 300 Gallons of fuel per hour.

Medium, Super Medium and Large Cabin Jets

Business flyers prefer the Medium type Jets–this group includes the Lear 60 with 7 seats.  This Jet option offers the comforts of a fully enclosed lavatory and in most instances the availability of WiFi. The range is close to 3,500 miles or a flight time of 4 hours. Expect hourly charter costs to range from $3,500 to $3,700 per hour.

Lear 60 Medium Jet 6 Seats
Best Buy Best Private Jet 6 Seats, Bar and WIFI

Reducing your carbon footprint:

Most Business and Vacation flyers discover that for US Domestic flights a “Super Midsize” Jet meets all their needs.  The Gulfstream 200 and Challenger 604 deserve consideration. The Super-Mid category jets will oeprate Coast to Coast and provide you with a large with a high ceiling.  Prices range from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour.  Compare this with a Large Cabin Gulfstream IV with 14 seats—expect prices from $5,700- per charter hour and up.  Feel free to ask us for a quote.

Gulfstrean, Large Cabin Jet with 16 seats
Gulfstream 650 Large Cabin Jet with up to 16 seats, PrivateJet-Advisor 702-336-7345

For long haul overseas flights your options are limited to the Large Cabin Jets. This includes the Gulfstream IV, V, and Global 7000 Jets with up to 16 seats.  Aircraft in this group have long range capabilities and will fly from LAX/Hollywood the Peking China for the Movie Industry.  The Gulfstream 650 has a range of up to 8,300 miles.

The Bottomline on Private Jet Charters:

As a Team of Advisor’s we are totally committed to the reduction of Carbon Emissions—we will focus on data which we can secure and share in the quotes we secure from our Alliance Partners and Aviation Search technologies.  Whenever available, credible and helpful to travelers who are seeking our assistance for rate quotes or charter information—we hope to share this information.

In the meantime, we look forward to learning and sharing the information we secure.  After all Climate Change and the use of Carbons deserve our urgent attention before we need to change the way we live and travel.

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We welcome your recommendations—-

Han Geskes, Sr Advisor e:mail


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