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PrivateJet-Advisor is now including Business Class Air options with all Overseas Jet Quotes. This is an addition to the multiple quotes which are extended by 50 Plus Alliance partners included in our Private Jet Portal. 


Take advantage of our “Flexible quotes“- simply pick a date and time for your departures and select a plane. You now have the ability to receive a custom quote from our Jet Portal and the Technologies which gather information submitted by 50 Plus Private Jet Operators.  Each firm is a Fully Authorized FAA Part 135 with the highest quality safety ratings ARG/US Gold – Platinum.

All types of Private Jets- For support P.(1) 702-336-7345


  • Your flight schedules, departure and arrivals in local times. Plus you will be able to view the miles flown and time of each flight segment.
  • Photos of the interior and exterior of the jet type.  This includes the seating and availability of washrooms and WiFi entertainment.
  • Price details, a fully transparent rate proposal with your ability to view several aircraft options.  You rate includes your flight hours and costs, Federal Taxes and Local Taxes for airport use, aircraft parking. Additionally charter may apply for deicing  at Ski Destinations Airports.
  • Special “PERKS” are yours and extended by the flight operators.  This include cash discounts for Bank Check Payments, savings of 30-60% for open legs.


Overseas flight to Europe, Pacific, China will include “Amazing Offers” for Confirmed Business Class Air on all major Airlines.  This includes AA, DL and UA.  It’s a cost savings option, plus it’s better for the environment. Sharing a seat with many travelers reduces the Carbon footprint on a per seat bases.  Visit our Concierge Website.


Our Team Members have direct access to the latest technologies to provide you with Custom Quotes.  Feel free to address your special needs with our Charter Coordinators.  We can assist with your Pet Travel or handle ambulance services. Our Travel Experts will here to provide you with Custom Crafted itineraries and ground packages.  Our destination programs include Wedding Packages (KNOT), Mansion Stays at properties with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. 

Group Rates for Business and Inventive Travel, Wet Leases for Music groups and sports team. Commercial B737 or Airbus Jet Charters with 160 to 300 plus seats.  Please contact us at P.(1) 702-336-7345. EMail us.


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology Private Jet Portal which provide you with Aircraft Solutions and detailed quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm has the highest quality and safety ratings. (ARG.US Platinum or Gold) All charter agreements are offered with Guaranteed prices and issued by the Flight Operator Directly to the Traveler. PrivateJet-Advisor does not own or operate any aircraft.  All quotes and information is fully transparent in accordance with FAA and DOT regulations. You will be asked to pay the operator direct.

G 200 with seating for 10
A Jet Portal which provides you with better prices and options. G200 with 10 seats. P.702-336-7345.




Gulfstream 14 seats

Private Jets I Hitchhiker Flights

The Private Jet impact on the environment

The raging fires in Australia have impacted many travelers who are considering a Private Jet Journey. The European’s have advocated the termination of all Private Jet flights by the year 2015. Others have been focused on the use of Carbon Taxes.  At this time we are not aware of Federal programs which mandate special fees or flight requirements- or restrictions. For those who are using the Private Jet to travel to over 3,000 plus airports not served by the commercial airlines the questions raised are–what should I be doing as a responsible business man or Jet Flyer. For the Road Worrier more car miles and longer hours are not the answer. 

Our Team at PrivateJet-Advisor is now receiving more inquiries for charters with the request that we address carbon emissions. You may conclude that a fully occupied B737 has a lower footprint since the per seat pro-rated carbon emissions are the lowest.  This with the assumption that all seats are fully occupied. Expect the carbon burn to increase on flights during the off-peak periods with empty seats.

It is our goal to expand our Charter Quotes to include the Carbons Burned with each quote–this may cause travelers to opt-in for aircraft which are fuel efficient and reduced emissions.

Regretfully, it’s not a simple calculation as you might think. If the plane has been scheduled for a specific destination and you join the flight it would be like “hitchhiking the most efficient way to fly with ZERO impact on carbons.

Based on information we secured from the US Energy Information Administration, jet fuel produces 9.57kg of CO@ per gallon burnt. A Boeing 737, one of the well known commercial planes will burn 750 Gallons per hour- or 2,250 Gallons of fuel producing 21,533kg of CO2.  On a full flight with 150 to 160 seats this is 108kg per traveler for the flight.

Estimates for Private Jets

Some estimates say private jets produce 10 times the amount of carbon per passenger. The calculations clearly vary depending on the make and model aircraft being compared, the number of passengers per flight. Since each flight may have a unique engine configuration estimating carbon burns are difficult to estimate. 

Reducing your Carbon footprint- Hitchhiker flights!

  • Maximize the use of all the seats on your plane. The carbon burn per aircraft remains the same–however the carbons generated per passenger are reduced.
  • Our Team Members will encourage you to opt for smaller jet–for example we may suggest your consider a Super Midsize Jet with 10 seats and forego the need for 14 seat Heavy Jet.
  • Your “Hitchhiker Options” We will help you secure a empty legs (available 3-13 days before departure) with cost savings of 30-60%. The flight may be returning to base–or meet and greet passengers. The carbons for this flight are being reduced since empty seats are being replaced by revenue passenger.
  • The Team Members at PrivateJet-Advisor may encourage you to make a contribution towards groups who are focused on reforestation. 
  • We are looking for solutions which we can share with travelers who finalize their reservations payment process. At that time we like to introduce a number of options which allow passengers to make a single contribution to a number of groups or organizations which have worldwide recognition and credibility.

Our in-house Team is moving forward with a totally paperless process.  Our information and records reside in the cloud–our use of paper, toner cartridges is way down.  Hopefully others will follow.

Please stay tuned, we have many clients and friends in places like Australia who deserve our help and support. It’s unrealistic to expect that all folks will stop traveling by Commercial Air or Private Jet.  Finding solutions and partnerships with all groups which are responsible for carbon emissions is a good first step. Supporting air charter operators who use Bio Fuels is also a good option—albeit supplies of the Bio fuel approved for aircraft is limited.

Addressing your needs, plus the environment

We welcome your inquiries and requests for Charter Quotes. Each of our Team Members has a very special mission. This is to provide you with Unbiased Charter quote and options.  Whenever possible we will continue to offer “Multiple Airrcaft” options—the lower priced aircraft options are based on a specific aircraft type which may be more fuel efficient. 

Over 40% of all Charter Costs are directly related to the cost of fuel consumed during a specific period of time–or charter hours.

VERY LIGHT JETS:  Over 70% of all Private Charter Flights are under 2,000 miles.  The Phenom 100 is a 4 seat airplane wit an interior designed by BMW.  Large swivel seats are comfortable with a large sized baggage compartment which is well suited for your Sports Gear, suitcases and ski gear. Expect charter rates from$1,990 to $2,100.  Consider an upgrade to the Cessna CJ3 with up to 7 seats. The Phenom Burns about 300 Gallons of fuel per hour.

Medium, Super Medium and Large Cabin Jets

Business flyers prefer the Medium type Jets–this group includes the Lear 60 with 7 seats.  This Jet option offers the comforts of a fully enclosed lavatory and in most instances the availability of WiFi. The range is close to 3,500 miles or a flight time of 4 hours. Expect hourly charter costs to range from $3,500 to $3,700 per hour.

Lear 60 Medium Jet 6 Seats
Best Buy Best Private Jet 6 Seats, Bar and WIFI

Reducing your carbon footprint:

Most Business and Vacation flyers discover that for US Domestic flights a “Super Midsize” Jet meets all their needs.  The Gulfstream 200 and Challenger 604 deserve consideration. The Super-Mid category jets will oeprate Coast to Coast and provide you with a large with a high ceiling.  Prices range from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour.  Compare this with a Large Cabin Gulfstream IV with 14 seats—expect prices from $5,700- per charter hour and up.  Feel free to ask us for a quote.

Gulfstrean, Large Cabin Jet with 16 seats
Gulfstream 650 Large Cabin Jet with up to 16 seats, PrivateJet-Advisor 702-336-7345

For long haul overseas flights your options are limited to the Large Cabin Jets. This includes the Gulfstream IV, V, and Global 7000 Jets with up to 16 seats.  Aircraft in this group have long range capabilities and will fly from LAX/Hollywood the Peking China for the Movie Industry.  The Gulfstream 650 has a range of up to 8,300 miles.

The Bottomline on Private Jet Charters:

As a Team of Advisor’s we are totally committed to the reduction of Carbon Emissions—we will focus on data which we can secure and share in the quotes we secure from our Alliance Partners and Aviation Search technologies.  Whenever available, credible and helpful to travelers who are seeking our assistance for rate quotes or charter information—we hope to share this information.

In the meantime, we look forward to learning and sharing the information we secure.  After all Climate Change and the use of Carbons deserve our urgent attention before we need to change the way we live and travel.

We welcome your recommendations—-

Han Geskes, Sr Advisor e:mail


Private Jet Advisor is a Technology Portal which provides Private Jet Flyers with rate quotes and information on Private Jet flights, aircraft options and detailed pricing. Aircraft departures from Private Airport Lounges at Signature, Van Nuys, Las Vegas, Carlsbad , San Diego, Bakersfield, San Jose. Ground services are provided by the a Team of Jet Concierges, Wedding and Mansion Coordinators. Please visit RoyaltyTravel.US  for news updates including special Rates for International Business Class Air Travel. 


Private Jets I Best Choices for 2020

Jet Charter options and prices  for 2020

Time Savings, Ability to use Airports not served by commercial airlines, are important for over 60% of our Business and Luxury Travelers. The comfort or a Private Plane with the privacy rated as a close second. Flying Privately more executives voice concerns about security including Cyber-Security.  PrivateJet-Advisor and a team of Jet and Travel Experts is totally committed to providing fully transparent quotes. You’r invited to explore the support we provide.  

Better solutions for your Private Jet flights are here.  We receive hundreds of requests daily for Private Plane Charter quotes. Save up to one day of travel time, all flights depart from Private Airport Lounges–NO TSA, NO WAITING.   We learned that our travelers prefer one single source for their Jet Charter or Rental needs. Our Team Members now have access to leading edge software technologies. When you need a Private Plane quote you receive the following:

  • Private Jet Charter quotes. No fees or need to purchase Memberships or Pre-Pay Pricey Jet cards.  You avoid paying from $5,000 to $25,000 for a Jet Card. Fly like you ride with UBER or LYFT–pay for your flight only. No commitments or obligations on your part!
  • PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with “Unbiased” rates and aircraft details from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm is eager to secure you Charter Booking—we simply allow you to view the best prices and Airplane options.   
  • You simply compare side by side options, with aircraft photos and the details you need to make an intelligent decision.
  • No need to deal with Pushy Sales People, the choice is yours.  As your PrivateJet-Advisor our Team Members will be here to provide you with the support your need. Before, during and after your Private Jet Journey.  

How much is a Private Jet?

Over 90% of all quote requests are submitted for Jet Prices or Charter Costs.  Business and Leisure Travelers who are frequent Jet flyers will ask a series of questions before they decide.  As you Advisor, our Team Members will review you entire request and include multiple options with the lowest available Charter prices.  Receive special quotes for “Open Legs” with cost savings from 30-60%** plus a 4-6% instant discount for cash payments, directly to the operator.

 We suggest you consider a number of options–and consider your needs:

How much is the price for a Private Jet? 

  • VERY LIGHT JETS:  The newest and budget friendly.  This includes the Phenom 100 with 4 seats and a spacious interior designed by BMW. A spacious  baggage compartment great for sports gear. This Jet has a range of 1300 miles, has a speed of 380 Mph and has an hourly charter rate of $1,995- to $2,100- per hour. Well suited for regional flights. Need more seats? Consider the Cessna Cj3 Light Jet with up to 7 seats at a cost of $2,200 to $2,400 per hour.

  • LIGHT JETS: The Lear 31A will carry up to 7 passengers–this group of aircraft has a longer range, up to 3.5 hours. Rates from $2,500 to $2,800 per hour.

Lear 60- 6 seats

  • MEDIUM JETS: This type is the preferred plane charter for Business Travelers.  The Lear family of jets is among the fastest  aircraft which is well suited from flights from Chicago to LAX, Seattle to Las Vegas to Dallas or Phoenix.  Seating for up to 7 passengers.  The Lear 60 has a range of up to 4 hours. Expect hourly charter rates from $3,300 to $3,600 per hour. Many are WiFi enabled.
G200 for support call P.702-336-7345, PrivateJet-Advisor. No request is too small.
  • SUPER MEDIUM JETS: This is the “Darling” of the Private Jet industry.  The Gulfstream 200 has a large interior with a standup ceiling.  The spacious cabin includes a forward galley and accessible baggage compartment during flight.  The washroom will be appreciated by lady travelers. Within the same category consider the Challenger 604 also a Bombardier Jet with up to 12 seats.  Hourly charter rates from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour. This aircraft is well suited for flights from LAX to New York, Miami or Orlando.


  • HEAVY AND LARGE CABIN JETS:  Consider the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 and Global with up to 16 seats  as your preferred options for flights to the Caribbean, Europe or Hawaii.  All aircraft in this group feature lay flat seats for overnight flights,plus  a large galley and WiFi–some for Over Water flights. Expect hourly charter rates from $6,000 plus. A number of a planes in this group have a range of 8300 miles–you can fly nonstop from Hollywood to Peking China. 
  • FOR GROUP, INCENTIVE OR SPORTS TRAVEL:  Please contact one of our team members are P.(1) 702-336-7345. Recommended aircraft include the B737, Airbus with 160 at rates from $13,000 per hour. 

Need to know:

Comparing rates and quotes can be difficult, all quotes you receive from PrivateJet-Advisor include all Federal Taxes and fees. Federal taxes of 7.5% apply to all US Domestic flights.  Local Airports charge landing, parking or fees for facilities. With multiple rates supplied by our team, you will be able to view side by side aircraft types and prices.

Special Perks:

Take advantage of special offers and options detailed in your Charter Quote extended by a PrivateJet-Advisor. Our Team members will include Complimentary Transfers by Limousine as offered by our Charter Operators. Other options include catering services and special FREE night offers at Mansion Properties at LAX, Hawaii or Las Vegas.

After you review your Charter quote, please request a “Charter Agreement” issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operator.  Your rates will be “Guaranteed” with a confirmation of your schedule and flight availability.  You pay the operator direct via your Credit Card or Bank wire option.  

** OPEN LEGS, are flights which are operated from the aircraft base to a pick-up point for passengers.  The same applies when the Jet returns to base after the passengers arrive at their destination. Since the operator has no revenue passengers on such flights, also known as open legs firms will offer such flights at discounts from 30-60%. Open Legs are available in our system from 3-13 seats before flight departure.  Our Team Members will always include the lowest price in your quote. 

SUPPORT:  One of our Team Members will be assigned to your account (Sorry no Pushy Sales), at the time you request a quote.  Our Team will benefit from our in-house technologies to provide you with the Very Best Rates and search all the rates posted by 50 Plus Alliance Members.  You benefit from better options and solutions.  No risks on your part.  All your transactions with PrivateJet-Advisor are fully confidential.  For the latest updates and travel news please visit our Concierge Team at Royalty Travel US.


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology Charter Technology  Portal which provides you as our client with “Unbiased Charter Quotes and special offers” extended by our FAA Part 135 Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum Standards. (None better). All charter flights depart from Private Airport Lounges. No lines and NO TSA. Please reach us at P(1)702-336-7345 (Feel free to text) or e:mail.

FAA Part 135 Operators issue all Charter Agreements for client review and approval- PrivateJet-Advisor does not own-operate any aircraft.






Lear 60- 6 seats

How much is a Private Jet

Private Jet, requests we address for you:

PrivateJet-Advisor receives hundreds of requests weekly for Private Jet Charters.  Price and Value are on the shopping list. You’l be able to locate lots of shopping sites with a bewildering list of Private Jet Charter, Rental or Lease options.  Experience the difference when you ask Private Jet Advisor for quote–no “Pushy Sales People”. 

Our Mission, to provide you with unbiased aircraft charter options,  with Multiple Quotes and Aircraft types. No risk or obligations from your side—all transactions are fully confidential.  Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter operator.  Better yet, we share “Multiple Charter” and plane options allowing you to compare side by side.  Schedules are in local times, costs, fees and detailed without any hidden fees or charges.  We understand that experienced flyers will request a specific aircraft type–no need to worry we will respond with better prices and options and unmatched support!

Anticipating your needs, with:

RANGE:  The distance a Private Plane will fly without the need for a fuel stop.  Research shows that over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles, or under 3 hours.  Very light jets, which includes the Phenom 100 with 4 seats has a range of 1,300 miles or 3.2 hours. Upgrading to a Medium Jet, this includes the Phenom 300 and Lear Jet 60 will increase your range to 3.5-4 hours or distance of 3,000 miles.  Hourly charter prices for the Very Light Jet with 4 seats range from $1,995 to $2,100 per hour.  You costs for a Mid Sized Jet with 6 to 8 seats will range from $3,300 to $3,600 per hour.

ECONOMICAL OPERATION:  You can’t beat the costs and fuel consumption of a Very Light Jet.  Direct owner costs for Crew, Fuel and Ownership will be close to $1,300 per hour. This ownership cost will be substantially higher at airports with Fuel Costs of up to $6.00 per Gallon.

CABIN AMENITIES AND COMFORT:  Travelers are very satisfied with small cabin jets on flights under one hour. Based on the feedback we receive a larger cabin is important on longer flights.  Our clients prefer a Jet with a fully enclosed lavatory and WiFi. Wider seats and entertainment systems are requested for longer flights. On a Coast to Coast flight we recommend the Super Midsize Jets with a stand-up cabin.  The most preferred planes in the category are the Gulfstream 200 with up to 10 seats and the Challenger 604 with 10-12 seats. Expect hourly charter rates from $4,400- to $4,900 per hour.  A weekend journey from LAX to Palm Beach will be priced around $44,000.

THE AIRCRAFT AGE:  Most of the inquiries and Charter requests we receive from our Commercial Clients deal with the age of the Charter Jet.  Most prefer the newest, not older than the year 2000. 

MODEL’S ACCIDENT HISTORY:  The information we provide for our clients and quote requests will detail the Aircraft Operators FAA Part 135 License and tail number. This is fully detailed in your charter agreement allowing you to track the history and ownership of the aircraft.  We maintain an Alliance with 50 plus operators. Each firm is ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. 

IN-FLIGHT:  Expect details for standard catering and menu options for your flight journey. More flyers prefer salads and or hand crafted sandwiches. We include such options in your Charter quote allowing you to decide. 

OUR MISSION AT PRIVATEJET-ADVISOR:  Expect multiple quotes, aircraft schedules in local times. Fully transparent quotes which include all taxes and fees. No last minute upcharges.  Plus you benefit from special benefits and upgrades extended by our Travel Partners for destination specials at LAX-Orange County, Disneyland, Hawaii, Orlando, Caribbean, Italy and Paris, London. Tailor crafted itineraries for Luxury Travelers by our fully Accredited Agency Royalty Travel. US. No request is too small.  For discounted Business Class Air Seats and Hotel Perks.


Better solutions with “Unbiased Solutions” from 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized operators. As your Advisor we are here to help you secure the best Jet Charter or Rental for your journey.  Charter Agreements are issued by the Operator and details your flight schedule and detailed costs. Benefit from our advanced technical search engines and ability to provide you with Open Legs at cost reductions from 30-60%. All our Team Members are Certified Jet and Travel Advisors.  For credentials please contact us at JetTeam@PrivateJet-Advisor.com 


Private Jet Choices

Choice Survey by Business Jet Traveler’s

Business Jet Travel conducted a spring 2019 survey to secure feedback from Private Jet Flyers. Some of the data and specific interests of flyers may surprise you:

What are the three most important reasons you fly private:

Time savings rank first.  Private Jets depart from Private Airport lounges FBO’s.  Commercial airports may require a three hour, early check-in. Commercial flyers will be able to arrive last minute–typically a 15 minute early arrival is no problem!

Private Flyers have the ability to fly to smaller cities and airports not served by the Commercial Airlines.  The US has 4,000 plus airports, commercial airlines serve 800-900 airports currently.

Private Flyers experience a more comfortable flight.  Commercial Airlines are focused on aircraft with high seat density. Privacy, ability to work during the flight and security are of major importance to the Private Jet Flyer.

The “Wish List” of Private Jet flyers.

  • Widely availability of per-seat charter.  Charter operators and brokers have not been able to satisfy this need. This is related to the per-seat costs and lack of demand in most markets. 
  • Widely availability of a “Flat Fee” pass for certain city pairs. 
  • Desire to fly VTOL aircraft with electric motors for Vertical Take Off and Landing
  • Flying cars which can be used on Freeways and in the Air
  • Space Travel

Solutions for Private Jet flyers:

PrivateJet-Advisor is addressing the needs of the Experienced Private Jet Charter Customer who needs a specific aircraft type.  The traveler who is upgrading from commercial air to a private jet the needs are very different.

PRIVATE JET FLYERS: who frequently travel for business or leisure will ask for specific aircraft type.  This also may include a flight attendant who understands the needs of the flyers.  Our Team Members have a solid understanding of the preferences of each traveler- this includes Catering and Ground Service requirements. Each request is expedited and confirmed with the submission of a Charter Agreement for customer approvals.

FIRST TIME FLYERS: Will contact as many suppliers, brokers and operators and receive a vast number of quotes.  Some rates are  incomplete- other may require Pricey Memberships and or investments in Prepaid Credit Cards.  Our Team Members will provide a series of quotes with “Multiple Aircraft Choices” which allow a side by side comparison.  It’s a great option to fly like UBER or LYFT. You on,y pay for your charter flight–no long terms risks or commitments.

First Time Private Jet flyers will be provided with an option to pre-inspect the aircraft before they proceed with a Charter Booking.

Lear 60 Medium Jet 6 Seats
Best Buy Best Private Jet 6 Seats, Bar and WIFI

Private Jet Solutions:

PrivateJet-Advisor receives hundreds of Charter requests weekly. Each request is unique.  For some travelers this may be a family visit, wedding or party jet.  Over 20% of all Charter bookings include travel with a “Furry Partner”. Our Team Members address each request and works hard to anticipate any special services you may require.  Our Alliance Partners also provide Air Ambulance Services. 

Certified Air Concierges and Travel Experts assist with Destination Travel, Air Cruises, Wedding and Business Meetings. Please text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345 or e:mail. For the latest news on travel visit us.


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Private Jet Portal which  provides the Jet Traveler with Multiple Quotes. We deploy leading edge in-house search systems to provide Open Leg options with flight discounts which range from 30-60%. Full compliance with FAA Part 135 policies and full disclosure of the aircraft operator, ownership and registration of the aircraft. Charter Agreements are issued by the Operator and submitted to the Traveler for review and approval. PrivateJet-Advisor does not own or operate aircraft. All quotes and client information is fully confidential. Our administrative offices are located on the Strip Corridor- you may reach our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. (Please Text us)

Private Jet Adviser I Jet Prices

PRIVATEJET-ADVISOR helps you discover the very best and cost efficient options for your next Charter Rental, Lease or potential ownership options.  We deploy the latest leading edge in-house technologies to provide you with the best option. The lowest price for your Jet Rental may not be the very best.  We consider all your needs and provide with “multiple quotes” and options.  You will be able to compare aircraft, pricing, seating and flight time. Finally you will be able to make an intelligent decision which work best for your budget.

We are here to help you upgrade to a Private Jet–no pushy Sales Representatives. You are fully in charge of your own Private Plane Rental, Charter or for long term charters a lease option. It’s a smart move to share a Charter plane with your friends and family for a ski trip to visit to Disneyland California or Orlando. Benefit from the time savings, plus you will be able to set your own schedules. Don’t overbuy, we help you search for the best and budget friendly plane. No risks on your part, no hidden costs or last minute surprises when you click-and buy.  Hundreds of customers like to supply with our firm. 

Lear 60- 6 seats

WITH OVER 4,000 AIRPORT OPTIONS:  select airports which are close to your departure point and your destination. Save time and transfer costs on the ground. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles. Consider a Very Light or Light Jet, you will be able to accommodate from 4-6 guests. Aircraft include the Very Light Phenom Jet with 4 seats and a spacious interior designed by BMW.  The Light Lear 31A seats up to 8 passengers.  Expect hourly charter rates for this group of private planes to to range from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour.

PRIVATEJET-ADVISOR:  helps you with the best Private Jet options and  budget for your entire journey at one place.  It’s a simple and private plane search from 50 plus Private Jet Alliance partners. You receive Multiple Aircraft options. It’s up to you to compare and proceed. We are here to support your needs:

  • Ask PrivateJet-Advisor for a quote. Include your airports and time schedule with the number of passengers. It takes seconds—
  • Our Charter Team will us our in-house system to search for aircraft options with the seating and range (distance plane will fly without fuel stops)
  • You receive your flight schedules in local time with airport details
  • Multiple aircraft details, you will be able to compare seating options and features like WIFI
  • Pricing options for several plane types, a side by side comparison let’s you view prices and your budget options

Your Prices are fully transparent with hourly charter fees, landing costs and taxes for airport use and FET of 7.5%.  We avoid hidden fees or last minute charges. You pay for your charter like you pay for UBER or Lyft. No fees for pricey memberships or jet cards which are promoted by some brokers and charter firms.

PRIVATEJET-ADVISOR:  Our Customers know, that each request is reviewed by one of our Team Members. No worry we do not share your information, please view our Privacy Statement. After you accept your quote estimate you receive a Charter Agreement issued by one of our Charter Operators.  Rates are Guaranteed with the confirmed availability of your aircraft. No hidden fees or last minute upcharges.  Take a moment to review your charter agreement—have questions, we are here to assist.

Your “Pay the Operator Direct” and avoid Middle Man fees and charges. You flight ticket will include you airport information, tail number and name of the aircraft operator.  All aircraft and operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated–the very best in the aviation industry. None better.

OPEN LEGS:  For Travelers with Flexible Schedules, savings from 30-60% within 3-13 days before departure. Save up to $15,000 for a Coast to Coast flight from LAX to NYC–or $50,000 for a round-trip trip for 14 passengers from LAX to Tokyo or Hong Kong. Compare this to a rate of $250,000 for 14 seats now reduced to under $200.000 or a substantial cost reduction of plus $50,000.

Should you wish to fly Commercial Air, our in-house Concierge team offers deep discounted business class air fares for flights to Europe, Asia. Visit our Concierge Air department for the latest travel news.

ALL TYPES OF PRIVATE PLANES: No request is to small please contact us.  Phone-text messages at P(1)702-336-7345 


PrivateJet-Advisor, Jet Charter flights to 4,000 airports with WorldWide Services to 4,000 airports. Please ask us about complimentary jet cost estimates and quotes for Phenom, Lear, Gulfstream Jets. All our Team Members are Certified Jet and CTC Travel Advisors. For Credentials information please contact us at JetTeam@PrivateJet-Adivsor.




How much is a Private Jet

PrivateJet-Advisor Preferred Network with 50 Plus Alliance Partner

Take advantage of our 50 Plus Alliance Partners. You will be able to compare rates for all types of Private Jet Aircraft with charter, lease and rental options.  We do the work for you in the very best places to “Score a Great” Private Jet Price with the use of leading edge technologies and your ability to receive Charter quotes from 50 plus Alliance Partners.  You will notice that we look for the best buys and options and always include special savings from “Open Legs” reducing your Private Plane Charter, Rental or Lease costs form 30-60%.

We provide you with Multiple Aircraft Options
We are here to help you secure the best plane for your Business or Vacation Trip- Need help with a quote- text us at P.(1)702-336-7345

How much do you pay for a Private Jet! I Plane Rentals, Leases 4-30 seats.

Your custom quote will be designed to meet your specific needs. Select from a wide range of aircraft with seating for 4-30 passengers.  This includes the Budget Friendly category of Very Light Jets which includes the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 travelers and an interior designed by BMW. Rates range from $1,900 to $2,100 per hour.  We recommend the Light Jets for additional seating and a longer range up to 3.5 Hours.  The Lear 31A seats up to 8 guests.  Over 70% of all the Charters Operated are under 1500 miles (2-3 hours of flight time)

Better options may cost less. Our Leading edge in-house technologies provides you with better rate estimates. Plus one of our Team Members will review your request and provide you with additional plane options—the advantage is yours!

Private Planes with 4-16 seats, share your needs and we help your select from Multiple Airplane options for Charter, Rent or Lease

How much is a Private Jet?  More options for you to compare!

Start your Private Plane search will a simple quote request. For short notice flights (within the next 48 hours) call our Text our Airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345. All the quotes you receive include the following information- allowing you to compare and decide which solutions meet your needs:

  • Your flight schedules, flight times are in local times.
  • View aircraft photos. interior and exterior with floor/seating plans
  • Rates/Costs are fully detailed with flight hours and all applicable airport taxes, handling fees and FET (Federal Taxes of 7.5%)
  • Optional services include catering, hotel packages and insurance options
  • View your “Special Perks”, upgrades, a 4% cash Discount and the availability of open legs 30-60% available within two weeks before departure. Best buy for travelers with “Flexible Schedules”

UBER or LYFT the same benefits in the air with a Private Jet are yours to enjoy.

Brokers and Operators are focused on the sale of pricey jet cards and or memberships.  With On Demand Charters you only pay for the charter hours–no on-going risks or obligations on your behalf. You Charter Agreement is issued by the Flight Operator, Prices are Guaranteed-  you flight is confirmed. No last minute charges or hidden fees with you Sign and Fly!

PLUS you receive special “Perks”(*) which include complimentary limousines with plane-side meet and greet services. Our in-house Air Concierge Team offer Hotel and Resort upgrades with complimentary breakfast and spa options. (* Details are fully disclosed in your quote)

Jet Charters, Worldwide to over 4,000 US Airports

The Private Jet is a big time saver, no need to arrive 2-3 hours before flight time.  Your Plane departs from a Private Lounge, you Crew Team will be waiting for you.  Make it your schedule and select over 4,000 airports for your trip in the US or Europe. Use your flight time to plan your business meetings or places you plan to visit during your vacation. No need to change planes with your ability to fly to airports not served by commercial airlines. Our suggestion, use your open seats to invite your friends and share the costs.

Receive all-in-one  solutions for your Private Jet flights.  Our Team Members are here to assist you with your search for the best Private Jet.  We have a team of Flight Experts and Travel Planners in-house. We will include recommendations for Wedding and Party planners in our quotes to you.  You will be able to take advantage of Complimentary Planning and offers at Mansion Properties- don’t overlook a three night stay with a 4th night at no charge. Available in selected markets only which includes California and Las Vegas.  Destination Vacation Packages include Disney-Orlando and California, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean and Europe-Italy. Custom crafted for you the traveler! For travel news and our brochure rack visit us.


Disclosure:  All private jets depart from Airport Lounges and are operated by FAA Part 135 Certified firms. All Charter Agreements as submitted for client approvals fully disclose the aircraft details including the Tail Number. All transactions and requests for quotes are confidential. Please direct all inquiries to JetTeam@PrivateJet-Advisor.com  Visit our Concierge Travel Site for late news and special offers, www.RoyaltyTravel.us






Private Jets I CES Las Vegas 2020

CES 2020
Be more productive save extra time for meetings.

Las Vegas CES, the consumer show of the year 2020

This Biggest/Best Consumer show on the Las Vegas Strip–Smart business travelers will be arriving by Private Jet to save time and benefit from instant transfers to client meetings and presentations. Flying Private let’s you spend more time with your clients, close more deals and benefit from substantial time savings—a much better alternative to to the long lines, TSA checkpoints! Private Lounges let’s you experience an uncrowded flight journey–arrive refreshed and relaxed with your own Plane Charter Jet!

Over 4,5K exhibitors will be in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Venetian Sands and the Mandalay Bay to introduce you to the newest products.  Avoiding long lines and saving time will be on your agenda.  May we provide you with a number of recommendations to maximize your time and productivity:

  • Fly a Private Jet with departures to and from Private Airport Lounges.  No TSA. no boarding delays and instant transfers to the CES Convention Center or your Suite at your resort.
  • We assist you with plane-side transfers- your limousine will meet you on the tarmac for an expedited transfer, minutes away from your meetings.
  • Our proposals and quotes will include a wide range of aircraft with seating for 4-to 30 guests. Take advantage of your flight time to structure your business presentations and negotiations with your suppliers.
  • May we suggest that you ask us for quotes which are based on your preferred aircraft type, schedules and seating.
  • A wide range of aircraft options with 4-30 with our ability to offer aircraft charters for US Domestic and International flights–this includes departures from Hong Kong, Japan and Europe. 

Expanded options

One of our Team Members will be assigned to your account to fully coordinate all your Private Jet and Ground Services.— this to include:

  1. Multiple Charter Aircraft options which address your schedule and seating requirements
  2. Custom services for transfers to and from meetings and presentations a CES 2020. This includes limousines, special meeting rooms and transfer services
  3. Optional services from our Air Concierge Team includes the planning of special meetings, dining options and entertainment.

No need to pre-purchase private Jet Cards or Memberships–our Advisory Team will focus on the best and cost efficient aircraft options for your journey.




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