Private Jets 4-30 Seats, Save Big with open legs

Private Jets I open Legs I Save from 30-60%

Making the Private Jet “Affordable”

Private Jet operators face an on-going challenge. Flights return to base without passengers–or flight need to meet a client and fly empty.  As a matter of fact “Empty Legs”-flights without revenue passengers are the “Achilles Heel of the Private Aviation industry!  We provide you with the information and support you need to Charter, Lease or Rent a Private Plane within your budget. Learn how much you can save with a ‘flexible schedule” no risks or obligations on your part.  We never ask you to pay for pricey memberships or make big up front payments for Jet Cards. 

Operators are eager to make a deal! Save 30-60%

Our in-house technologies help us identify empty legs which are posted 3-13 days before to departure (applies to most of the year).  You will be ale to secure such flights at deep discounted rates with cost savings from 30-60%.  Or you may be able to upgrade from a Light Jet to a Luxury Large Cabin Jet.

How does it work?

  • PrivateJet-Advisor will provide you with Open Leg options and an estimated price which will be accepted by the operator- discounts range from 30-60%.
  • Lower bids are typically accepted at the very last moment–the operator likes to receive any amount of funds to cover some of the costs for crew and fuel.
  • Be “Flexible” you may have to depart a few hours earlier or later–this could be up to a day. One ways are the most used and accepted by Leisure-Vacation Travelers.
  • This may be your best time to upgrade from a Light Jet to a Larger Cabin Jet–more luxury and comfort for you an your friends.
  • No risks on your part–if you are not pleased with the Price Quote you simply do not proceed.  As your Consultant “PrivateJet-Advisor” will not charge you any fees!

Just in case- you need a flight now “Wheels Up” Fast.

Feel free to ask us for a quote–we will provide you with Multiple Quotes and consider your personal needs and budget requirements.  We encourage you to fly a Private Jet like and UBER or LYFT—only pay for the charter hours your fly.  As your personal consultant— PrivateJet-Advisor.com provides you with the very best options.

Support, Perks, Upgrades with Luxury Travel and Budget Prices

Advantage Yours–a Team of Jet Concierges is here to assist with all your travel arrangements including customized itineraries for you and your guests.  View the latest travel updates on Royalty Travel US

Our Mission to address your needs!

As your PrivateJet-Advisor we seek to provide you with Multiple Private Jet Options–we help you compare prices and detailed information about your plane. Expect photos and images, floor plans or your aircraft with detailed flight schedules in local times.  Your options include Jet Charters, Rentals and Leases.  Our Concierge Team will provide you with Discounted flights on Scheduled flights with reduced rates for Business Class air to Overseas destinations. Special Perks let you upgrade hotels and seek free nights for small groups at Mansion Stays in Arizona, California and Nevada. 



A Team of Jet Experts help you secure Private Jets from over 50 Alliance Partners with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings. All firms are FAA Part 135 operators.  PrivateJet-Advisor meets/exceeds all DOT and FAA Regulations since all data is sourced on you behalf.  PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with “Unbiased” information allowing you to personally make an intelligent decision. No firms matches our Business Model which totally focused on the needs on the Private Jet Flyers.  Please view our Privacy statement.

Private Jet- Gulfstream 14 seats

Private Jet Charters I Rental I Prices fly USA

PrivateJet-Advisor is a trusted source with unbiased information for Private Jet flyers. A single source for aircraft from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.

Are you upgrading from a a commercial Plane to a Private Jet.  Travelers fly Private to benefit from Time Savings and the Long Lines at Commercial airports. No need to wait for hours before your flight departs. With the convenience of a Private Plane you leave from a Private Airport Lounge.  Yes, you’re fine arriving 15 minutes before departure. Remember no TSA!  

Light Jets save fuel and costs- from $2,400 per hour. Your Best Value for flights under 3 hours.

Meeting your expectations:

We are unique and different- We deploy the latest technologies to help you secure the very best, and cost efficient airplane for your flights.  Each of our team members know the aircraft fleets of over 50 suppliers—we connect you with the best operators and aircraft which are best suited for your journey. We work on your behalf and provide you with the ability to choose.  Multiple quote options provide you with the ability to compare and make an intelligent decision.

The quote you receive—-

Expect a detailed schedule in local times, flight times and airport information.  You will have direct access to photos for the aircraft we recommend.  View you interior and outside of the plane we recommend. Your costs are fully detailed with fees, charges and taxes.  No hidden fees or last minute upcharges with Guaranteed Quotes.  As a first step we provide you with estimated costs—aircraft are constantly moving.  We also search for lower costs one ways and open legs for Long Haul Flights.  We simply work on your behalf to offer your a better jet for less.

We anticipate your needs:

As your advisor we are here to compare your options and costs.  This means that we will not recommend a Jet with too many seats or an aircraft which is unable to fly non-stop to your destination.  We also may recommend commercial Business Class Air for flights to Europe or Asia.  Our in-house Air Concierge Team offers special discounted rates with major commercial air carriers.  

Our Mission- to understand the needs of Frequent Private Jet Flyers and the special needs of the party upgrading to a Private Jet Charter, rental or Lease.

Some operators, brokers may encourage you to invest in Annual Memberships or ask you to purchase Pricey Jet Cards—  We recommend that your Charter like you would take a ride with UBER or LYFT. No long term obligations—You only pay for the hours your charter. We also provide you with the ability to charter with in 72 hours.  Our “Wheels Up” program provide you wit a pick-up on short notice—do call our airport Desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345.

Expect More- Pay Less and enjoy the journey:

Each or our Team Members benefits from our leading edge technologies, personal aircraft inspections and the comments and feedback we receive from out clients.  All your inquiries are fully confidential– information pertaining to your requests and flights is not shared–unless we have your prior and written approvals. We fully adhere to all FAA and DOT regulations and fully disclose the name of the operator and aircraft details in a charter agreement directly issued by the Operator.  Avoiding the middleman save you $$$.

Luxury and comfort is redefined with your Private Jet Journey. Depart from a Private Lounge. We help you compare Multiple Charter Plane options with photos and images of your plane.  Remember we detail all the prices, fees and charges. No last minute surprises, hidden fees or charges. Our Team Members include Private Jet Experts, Travel Experts-Air Concierges, A Wedding Planner and our in-house Mansion specialist for group and tour trips. Please contact us:


PrivateJet-Advisor, the unconventional way to Fly A Private Plane or Jet. Seating for 4-13 travelers. Share the costs with your friends. Private Airport Lounges at LAX, Van Nuys, Bob Hope, Santa Monica- Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Napa, San., Jose and Oakland. Newport Beach-John Wayne, Carlsbad-Palomar, San Diego and Brown Field- San Diego.  Las Vegas Strip Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airport- Home of the Las Vegas Sports Teams.