Private Jet Vacations- Exclusive “Perks”

You’re invited to immerse yourself in the National Parks or white Sandy Beaches with 100% more peace of mind. We take you to world class destinations with the safety measures of your own private jet charter. Plus special amenities extended by our Signature Partners with Free night stays, Suite upgrades. Combine this with Charter Prices 30% Less Than Jet Cards. Each Vacation is Custom Crafted for you and your family.

A special invitation to join our 2021 Jet Journey to France visiting Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon.

Exclusive Offers

PrivateJet-Advisor sources quotes for you from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each Jet Charter firm is bidding for your business! For you, this means Premium Jet aircraft at amazing prices.

  • All operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated, the highest safety and quality standards in the Airline Industry.
  • Full transparency let’s you compare aircraft options and quotes side-by-side! The tools you need to make an intelligent decision.
  • Your quote will details all flight hours, schedules and pricing. You benefit from a 7.5% discount since the Federal Excise Tax no longer applies for the year 2020. Plus you receive options to use deep discounted “Open Leg Flights” discounted from 30-60%
  • All operators exceed all Covid-19 protocols with deep cleaning and a full aircraft disinfection prior to your departure. Crew members are teamed as one single unit for extra protection.
  • Your “Furry Friends” are welcome–Aircraft are Pet friendly.
Napa Valley, CA – Wine Tours, USA, France and Australia

Relaxing Made Possible

We will take you to destinations and unforgettable locations on your wish-list or curated by our in-house Travel Advisors. As Signature Partners you benefit from a wide range of valued “Perks” such as suite upgrades, complimentary dining and spa credits. All of this with the security of your own Private Jet.

  • Visit the National Parks with flights to Zion, Bryce, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Travel with a professional tour escort in a Luxury Mercedes Benz Limo Van. Your schedule, customized day by day itineraries designed to meet your needs.
  • Napa Valley or the Central California Coast take you to hundreds of wineries- luxury resorts and One Star dining at the French Laundry. Make it an extended weekend and enjoy golf or simply relaxing.
  • Ask us about all-inclusive Luxury visits to Cabo San Lucas MX for the Holidays–extend your stay to 7 days and accept a 2 night complimentary stay! Select from a wide range of options–Cabo is close to home. This is a great time to plan a ski vacation or trip a secluded Caribbean Island!

PrivateJet-Advisor, best options

No need to worry, no need to buy Memberships or Pricey prepaid Jet Cards. Trip-By-Trip Solutions are a best buy!

All out Team Members are Certified Jet and Travel Advisors. No need for Credit Cards details at the time you request a quote. No need for surcharges- Private Jet Advisor is fully funded as Corporate Aviation Consultants.

You can’t beat our expertise, our resources are exclusively yours:

  • Ann Geskes CTC—- is our in-house Travel Planner. Her client base includes Movie Directors and Casino Owners. Her expertise is Worldwide from Australia to an African Safari. Ask Ann to Custom Craft your itinerary. Enjoy all the Signature Benefits, upgrades and special perks. P.(1) 702-458-5191 E-Mail
  • Joni Moss-Graham—–Our partner Wedding Consultant. Recognized by the Las Vegas Wedding industry as the foremost expert in Elope, Micro and full Wedding Ceremonies. She will make a special day a lifetime experience. Her office offers Photo Tours with Las Vegas in the background. Please call 702-236-8728 E-Mail
  • J Damien Scott—-Chief Operation Officer with “Bedrock Special Projects” provides our travelers and guests with an extra layer of protection during unsettling times. His team will be focused on your special needs and works in the background without disturbing your personal lifestyle. Highly endorsed and appreciated by our VIP guests. Contact 801-392-9999. E-Mail
  • Han Geskes CTC—Our Senior Consultant has an extensive background in Aviation industry with 10 years as Product Director for American Airlines. And as a Business Consultant for FAA Part 135 operators- where he guided the training of flight crews and dispatchers. Now focused on Leading Edge Technologies for Private Jet flyers. P. 702-336-7345. E-Mail

Unbiased quotes, allowing you to make an intelligent decision.

You’re invited to explore you Travel Requirements. We provide you with “Unbiased Recommendations and Quotes”. A single source for your Travel and Ground services with full support before, during and after your journey. Our service standards will exceed your highest expectations—-safe, secure and focused on your needs.

No request is too small- Your information is private and secure! Take a moment to manage your quote from here!

Coming soon, a special invitation to join our European Epicurean 2021 Private 10 day Jet Journey to Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon from LAX and Las Vegas. Membership limited to 14 guests! Get details here.


Need to know- is a Private Jet Technology Potal which secures Rate quotes on behalf of clients from 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum operators. PrivateJet-Advisor does not own or operate aircraft. All Charter agreements are issued with Guaranteed rates and availability by the operators. PrivateJet-Advisors arranges for ground services with fully accredited IATA/ARC agencies. PrivateJet-Advisor reserves the right to change or suspend any of the offers. Please note Covid-19 regulations will be disclosed in each charter quote—-Travel Restrictions may apply- we will keep you updated after your bookings has been processed. We recommend that you consider Travel Health and Cancellation Policies.

Travel during the Pandemic?

How do you travel during the Pandemic? Survey data confirms that over 38% of all travelers will avoid plane trips. 20% will not stay at hotels. You should know that you have options:

  • More travelers are opting for a Private Jet. Very light jets are budget friendly and the best solution for flights under 1,500 miles. Priced from under $1,990 per hour the Pehnom 100 is one of the newest planes with an interior designed by BMW.
  • Stays at BnB—- this option allows you to control your own environment, no crowds. Make certain you check with the staff which type of cleaning protocol is in place. Visit the Vegas Express Jet website for BnB options here,
  • Consider a Private Jet for your travel—-you will know who is on board your Private Jet Charter. Operators follow deep-cleaning policies. Hepa Filters keep the cabin air 99.9% safe. Cabin air is mixed with outside air. Disinfection of the Cabin, Washroom, Seats and Touch screens takes place before each flight. Before you board your plan do verify that your aircraft is safe.
  • Flying Commercial increases your risk exposure from the local airport tram to your gate–if possible stay away from a crowded gate and don’t touch any screens. Keep your social distance whenever possible—-Airline carriers are working hard to address your safety. It’s unrealistic to anticipate that this environment is compatible with your health and safety.
Visit Vegas and stay at a Condo or Mansion.

Covid Travel, your options- we are here to assist!

After a serious case of Cabin Fever, our Team will be delighted to provide you with Travel Solutions which include Private Jet, Private Car and BnB Villa Resorts. Simply share your wishes with on of our Advisors who will provide you with a number of options and quotes.

Our Team of Jet advisors includes a Concierge Team with a Travel Counselor Ann Geskes, she has been associated with Beverly Hills Travel at the famous Polo Lounge. She will be here to provide you with recommendations for Luxury Condos and BnB’s. Call her direct at P.702-336-7345. Please ask for Ann.

Joni Moss- Graham is our in house Wedding and Tour Consultant. She will be delighted to provide you with options such “Elope” programs. If you’re planning to get hitched, please ask her for a consultation. From Private helicopter weddings to a total chocolate tour. We are here to provide you with a program designed for you with “lifetime memories”

Just in case you consider a Private Jet during the Pandemic, your benefit from unbiased quotes, sourced from 50 Plus Private Jet Operators who compete for your business.

  • Pay 30 less than jet cards and fractional ownership (the very same as the time-share options.
  • 100% Peace of mind. The aircraft is yours, no strangers cleaning procedures which meet-exceed industry standards
  • Trip-By-Trip Solutions
  • No 7.5% FET Taxes for the year 2020
  • Receive multiple aircraft options, compare side by side
  • All Charter Agreements are issued by FAA Part 135 operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings. The very best safety standards.


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet and Travel Portal. We help you source quotes from over 50 Plus FAA Part 135 operators, You compare decide and make an intelligent informed decision. Our Travel Store is operated by RoyaltyTravel.US. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. All Operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. None Better!.

Las Vegas Private Jets

Private Jet flight are in high demand, travelers are avoiding crowded flights and busy terminals. Vegas Express is your premier source for all types of Jet Rentals or leases. Enjoy luxury on-board a Very Light Jet with rates as low as $2,300 per hour. Arrive at one of the Private Airport Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip. A “Flexible quote” lets you compare several plane types and prices.

Lear 60 Medium Jet 6 Seats
Best Buy Best Private Jet 6 Seats, Bar and WIFI, Midisze Jet- Most preferred by Business Flyers.

Private Jets depart from FBO’s or Private Jet Lounges with no TSA, no crowds. As a matter of fact Private Jets are deep-cleaned and fully disinfected before each departure. Your quote will detail all the safety steps which have been implemented to keep your safe.

Who selects a Private Jet?

Senior Executives and families are opting for the Private Jet options. We make certain that all Deep Cleaning and Covid-19 protocols are fully disclosed in your personalized quote. Full disclosures for your review.

Vegas Express Jet

One of our Team members will be your Private Jet Advisor and assist you from the moment you contact us by phone at P.702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote. No credit card needed.

  • Help us with your flight schedule, date, time, cities you plan to visit and number of travelers. The better way to plan your trip.
  • You receive a detailed quote with several aircraft options, fully detailed quotes allow you to compare several plane types and rates.
  • Your advisor will be searching for Late Model Jets with WiFi, Meeting Tables, Bar settings and enclosed washrooms.
  • Did you know-over 70% of all Private Jet Charter flights are under 1,500 miles. A Very light with luxury and budget pricing will meet all your expectations. Hourly Jet rental rates range for $2,300 to $2,500 per hour!

Save from 30-60% on your next Private Jet Charter:

If you have a “Flexible Schedule” do consider open leg options–flights which operate without passengers after they have been delivered–and need to return to base. Jet Operators are eager to recover the costs for crew time and fuel. You will be able to save from 30-60%.

Our in-house reservations system inventory will hold hundreds of open legs between 3-and 13 days before departure. A great option for last minute departures. Please send us a message at e:mail, or call our airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345.

Support 24/7/365

One of our team members will customize your best quote, Private Jet constantly move, we ensure that all discounts (4% for Bank Payment) and open legs are fully detailed in your quote. View the hourly charges, for several aircraft types. To secure a quote, you do not need a credit card. Each quote includes special options for Perks, Upgrades and special offers extended by Resort Casinos and Tour Companies. When you bundle with a Vacation Package to Bryce, Zion or the Grand Canyon you double your savings.

Vegas Express Jet is the only Private Jet portal with a Jet Concierge Team, a Mansion resort consultant and a Wedding planner. Free consultation and budget planning are yours. Please call us for a Chat at P.702-336-7345

Wynn-Jet Vacation Packages


Vegas Express is a Private Jet and Travel Portal operated by RoyaltyTravel.US . Private Jet quotes are sourced from hundreds of Private Jet Charter operators and owners with FAA Part 135 Certifications. Aircraft arrive and depart from the Vegas Strip at Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Terminal. Home of the Las Vegas Raiders and the Golden Knights. Our offices have served the Las Vegas Resorts for 19 plus years! We are located on the Las Vegas Corridor at 5132 Tennis Ct East, #101, Las Vegas NV 89120-USA. We deploy the latest technologies to provide you with accurate data- we have made is work for our VIP guests for over 19 years! Celebrating Jets and Technology allowing you to fly at a higher level!

Private Jets

Discover why travelers are flying Private Jets. The Corona Virus has changed the way we travel. Business Travelers are using Zoom meetings. Older business executives like to avoid crowded airports and even VIP Lounges. We receive a large volume of quote requests for Private Jet Rentals and Lease options from those who have never flown on a Private Jet. The leisure traveler is searching for a safe and secure way to travel. Our Team Members will be focused on your needs and guide you in a totally “Unbiased ” manner! Learn how much “How much is a Private Jet Charter”, Rent a Plane or Hire a Private Plane. Trip-by-Trip Solutions, no membership fees. Contact us at P.702-336-7345.

Midsize Jet with 6-8 seats

Why should I fly Private?

We discovered that most flyers each have their own reasons. Medical experts indicate that it’s very difficult to avoid crowds and Asymptomatic travelers on commercial airliners. Flying onboard a Private Jet let’s you travel from Private Airport terminal-lounges, without TSA lines and no lines. Take a moment to consider your needs and options. When the “Zoom” options no longer meet your needs, turn to PrivateJet-Advisor.

Belgium, Brugge- the place to visit and enjoy. Private Jet

It’s Pricey, should I consider?

Our Team works hundreds of quote request each week. Demand is strong from Commercial flyers who are considering an upgrade to a safer environment!

  • Private Jets typically depart and arrive from Private Airport Lounges (FBO’s Fixed based operators) You experience no lines, no TSA. Your flight attendant or one of the Pilots will meet you in the lounge and walk you to your aircraft. No need to arrive early, you set the time and schedule for your Charter Jet!
  • Time savings are typically from 4 to 5 hours. No need to arrive 2 hours before flight timefly to 4,000 airports. No stops and no need to wait for connections at hubs.
  • The entire plane is yours, bring your own guests- no need to worry about crowds, before and during your flight. You are totally safe since your plane is deep-cleaned and fully disinfected. No need to wear a mast during your flight! Your quote will detail all protocols followed.
  • You can manage the costs for your Private Charter. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles- on an average of 2,5 hours. You do not need to charter a big Gulftsream Jet with 14 seats. We recommend that you consider a Turbo Prop for flights under one hour, or upgrade to a Very Light Jet. Prices start at $1,600 per hour. Sharing the seats with your friends is a smart move, your costs are lower when you use all the seats—plus it’s best for the environment. When you fly for a weekend from John Wayne to Vegas your shared-pro rated costs is as low as $1,500 per person. Please ask us for a quote. For quotes visit us.
  • For longer flights, from places like LAX to Las Vegas to Chicago, or New York, Miami you need to upgrade to medium jet. Expect hourly rates from $2,600 and up for a Light and Medium Jets.
  • Your charter includes the services of a Captain and First officer. Standard catering includes Soft Drinks, Bier, Small miniatures and a generous snack basket. Most newer jets offer WiFi Data and entertainment services at no additional charge. Special catering options are available—
Business Class Upgrades

We are here to assist

We work with you to help you with quote and coordinate all your transfer, hotel and meeting room services. Over 50% of our travelers need to ensure that all details are in place to make a totally “hassle free” journey. Have your limousine or rental car plane-side when you arrive, or have a conference room for a airport meeting with clients. We make it work for you!

Our Team Members has access to the latest information pertaining to local restrictions. We work behind the scenes with local insiders and deliver a very authentic experiences. The moment you ask us for quotes and a customized itineraries one of our Travel Team- Advisors will be here to assist. You will be able to shop and have us update your programs to ensure that you derive the very best benefits such as upgrades and VIP receptions.

Optionally you may ask us to handle all the details for your trip. We will be here to assist you with the conversion of Mileage Points to Business Class Travel. We are totally focused on your needs and the other travelers in your party. Expect unbiased recommendations which are totally focused on your needs and wishes. Most websites will encourage you to buy programs and services–which generate the highest commissions. PrivateJet-Advisor is a totally integrated Jet and Travel portal.

The Ultimate Jetsetter:

The Ultimate program provides you with Flight and Travel Planning for one year:

  • Unlimited quotes for Private Jets, Discounted rate options for Business Travel on Commercial Airlines
  • Custom Itineraries designed to meet your specifications, we will continue to modify your options and secure all reservations
  • Benefit from special amenities at hotels, ground services and meet and greet services by our in-house by our Signature Partners throughout Europe and the Fast East, Australia.
  • Handle all your Visa and Health Documents in accordance with the destinations your visit.
  • Provide you with Medical and Evacuation insurance options. 24/7 Phone services during your travel–resolve cancelled flight or emergency issues. Please contact us E;Mail.
  • Annual program costs $1,775- prepaid via Credit Card. It’s like having your personal Concierge 24/7/365.

One time “Self Planner”

  • Helping you secure quotes for Private Jets, Discounted options for Business Travel on Commercial Airlines.
  • Provide you with assistance in the conversion of airline points towards commercial airline tickets.
  • Helping you with a review of the bookings you may wish to complete on Travel Websites such as Expedia, review hotels and ground services options.
  • Use our in-house information to update you on superior hotel options, free night stays and amenities whenever available.
  • Provide you with insurance options which include cancellation and medical evacuations.
  • A one-time charge of $275- applies- Please ask us for other services and options. No request is too small, please contact us at P.702-336-7345
German Castle, Rhine River Cruises

Our Credentials:

Weather you dream of falling asleep under canvas of Botswana or walking on the steps of the Eiffel Tower, we can design a journey by Private Jet, or Business Class air that’s customized, personal and life changing. We scout the best lodges, hotels, resorts and cruise lines. We use our first hand experiences to guide you.


Your trip will begin with an initial consultation to determine the Best Charter options, Commercial Business Air and potential use of airline and or credit card points. It will be our mission to navigate health and visa regulations.


Value- Your trip will never be more expensive if you booked with us than you booked it yourself or through someone else or automated systems. In many cases it will be cheaper. Each or Team Members are Certified Travel and Jet Experts (CTC’s). You will learn that we have relationships with guides and partners, and you will travel as a part of the Signature extended family.

Ann Geskes CTC: (Our Senior Advisor)

Ann Geskes CTC is one of our Senior Travel Executives who takes care of the VIP Casino Owners on the Las Vegas Strip. Her most loyal clients follow her from her past association with Beverly Hills Travel at the Polo Lounge. She will be able to contact Hotel Executive, Concierges and Limousine Travelers to ensure that your visit exceeds your every expectation. Before you start you journey your itinerary will guide you towards a special journey. Feel free to contact Ann at P.702-336-7345.

Private Jet-Advisor is a Royalty Company and offers travel services under the name of Royalty Travel. US. We feature Vegas programs at Vegas Express Jet. Our offices are located on the Las Vegas Corridor and have been serving the Las Vegas Resorts since 2001. You will be able to contact us at P.702-336-7345. Contact E:Mail



Private Jet Advisor is a Travel and Technology Portal which sources Jet Charter Services from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. All firms are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. Private Jet Advisor, a Royalty Company does not own or operate aircraft. All Charter Agreements are issued by the operator direct with Guaranteed rates and confirmed flight schedules. Royalty Travel and Frosch International provide tour and travel services with the Signature Group. We do not require credit cards for quotes.

How Much is a Private Jet?

We welcome Jet Suite clients, we are here to assist!

Covid 19 has forced JetSuite into bankruptcy and placed many card holders and owners at risk. We are here to provide investors with options and solutions. The Private Jet – Charter Industry is facing a difficult time. This has impacted the owners and operators of Private Jets.

  • Hopefully the outcome of the procedures will safeguard current owners and help you maintain your maximum investments.
  • Our Team Members (Advisors) will be here to provide you with Trip-By-Trip Solutions.
  • “On Demand Charters” limit your exposure to any further risks, you only pay for your flight. No need to invest in Memberships or Pricey Prepaid Jet Cards. Expect your overall costs reductions up to 30%.
  • Hourly rates for a Phenom 100 range from $1,950 per hour to $2,100. You will be able to charter a light Citation M2 for $2,300 to $2,400 per hour. You total hourly costs will be based on the total hours flown for your trip. May we suggest that make it a daytrip for business or leisure travel.
  • Ask us for all types of aircraft with 4-30 seats. This includes the Midsize, Super Mid, Large Cabin Jets with a range up to 8,300 miles. Support at P.702-336-7345
Ramp at Henderson Executive Airport NV

PrivateJet-Advisor is your advisor:

We are here as your “Advisor” to provide you with quotes-charter costs from 50 Plus FAA Part Jet operators. Selection of operators is based on ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings. Among the very best in the Private Jet and Charter industries. You pay the operator direct, our service fee is paid by the charter firm.

  • Your charter quote may include multiple aircraft options which are selected by our Team Members. You will be able to compare seat maps and features such as washrooms, wifi
  • View your schedules in local times. You charges and fees are fully detailed. Upon approval you receive a charter contract issued by the Jet Operator directly to you–Charter Costs are Guaranteed, your flight schedules are confirmed.
  • Before, during and after your flight our Team Members will be here to help you with airport details, the change of flight schedules and name changes. It’s you in-house concierge team without the costs of a Jet Card operator. All our Team Members are Certified Jet and Travel Experts.
  • Some operators may extend special benefits, this includes catering options and transfer services. Details will be noted in your quote—expect specials for hotel upgrades at Luxury Properties.

Please contact our Team Members at P.(1)702-336-7345 or email our charter department.


PrivateJet- Advisor – sources Private Jet Quotes and options from fully certified FAA Part 135 Operators and IATA Carriers. PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct air carrier or indirect air carrier and does not own or operate aircraft. PrivateJet-Advisor secures quotes from 50 Plus Operators for client review and considerations. Our offices are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor.  5132 Tennis Court East, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89120-1333 USA. All transactions and flight schedules are confidential and not shared without your prior written permission.

Our customers rate us 5Star plus—Client take a monthly flight to Vegas from Orange County!

Charter agreements are issued by the operator, in accordance with DOT and FAA requirements the aircraft details disclose aircraft tail numbers and or ownership details. If the reader of this message is not the intended  recipient or an employee or an agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by calling the telephone stated above and return the original to us by mail.

All quote and booking, flight schedules are confidential and not shared without prior written approvals. All payments at due/payable to the FAA Part 135 flight Operators. Vegas Express Jet does not collect payments for charters. Please follow-the instructions as detailed in your charter agreement.

Understand, Private Planes are constantly moving from Station to Station—the rates we provide are correct at the time the rate is provided.  Rates and Aircraft availability at subject to change.  Your Charter Agreement provides you with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations. Questions, call our airport desk at Phone, (1) 702-336-7345

Private Jets, New!

Half of the new travelers are upgrading from commercial Air to the safety and security of a Private Jets. Our quotes have doubled for Jet Charters. Business Travelers indicate that person to person meetings are still essential. Over 38% of all travelers indicated that they will not fly until a vaccine is available- 20 % plus will not stay at any type of hotel. The Airline, Travel and Hospitality Industry will need to convince the traveler that leaving home is safe!

Most recent survey indicate that most travelers will stay close to home and travel with their own cars. Business Travelers may be required to travel to close a deal or meet with franchise holders. As your personal consultant we will be able to assist and provide you with and extra layer of safety and security. Feel free to contact us at P.702-336-7345.

  • The Private Jet allows you to fly to many airports with very limited scheduled flights. The requests for quotes are mostly for flights to smaller cities with limited air services.
  • We noticed an increase in flights which included multiple cities- one of our Franchise owners plans to visit 7 airports in one week.
  • Serious business travelers are making a commitment to take advantage of the lower charter costs.
  • Costs are a major factor—firms are no longer prepared to invest in “Fractional” Jet options, nor do they plan to invest in Pricey Memberships or Prepaid Jet Cards.
Lear Jet 60, Medium Jet

Flying Private, your first journey

Flying Private let’s you avoid a large crowded commercial plane with 100 plus passengers. The Private Jet is an option to limit your exposure and risks.

  • You will depart from a Private Airport lounge—No need to early check-in procedures. On of the crew members will meet you and welcome you on board.
  • All aircraft are deep cleaned and disinfected at each departure- this includes the interior, washroom, tray tables and touch screens. Rest assured that the crew members will be focused on you safety! Expect a new normal with temperature checks and masks for crew members.
  • Take advantage of plane-side transfers, your driver will meet you plane-side. Optionally we will be pleased to arrange for a rental car.
  • Control your costs–Understand 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles. It’s perfectly fine to charter a Twin Turbo or Very Light Jet. Rates for the Twin Turbo King Air C90, with 6 seats range from $1,600 to $1,900 per hour. Feel free to ask us for a quote, no credit card needed.

Flying during Covid-19

Before you start your Private Jet flights, consider the following:

Before you upgrade, make certain that you secure quotes from various operators. We are here to assist you as as your “Jet Advisor” and provide you with a series of quotes. This includes the aircraft types, seating which will fully satisfy your needs. No need to contact “Brokers” who will encourage you to buy memberships or prepaid jet cards. “On demand Charters” are a best value, no risks or obligations on your part. You only pay for the charter hours.

Please contact our Airport desk at P.702-336-7345 and share your flight plans and number of seats you need. Expect a fully “Transparent” quote with several aircraft options and costs. You compare, side by side and select. We never ask you for a credit card—

Henderson Executive Airport NV- Minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!

Don’t hesitate to ask for any type, for first time Private Jet flyers we will be here to schedule aircraft inspections before you fly and decide. As advisors we are here to help you decide an intelligent decision. Private Jet Advisor does not own or operate aircraft. We source quotes from 50 Plus Alliance partners. All firms are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. The very best quality and safety ratings.

You’re invited to call or text our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. Feel free to visit our Travel Desk at Royalty Travel US. Please feel free to take a brochures and start planning!


PrivateJet-Advisor serves it’s clients in the sourcing of Private Jet Quotes and options from fully certified FAA Part 135 Operators and IATA Carriers. PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct air carrier or indirect air carrier and does not own or operate aircraft. PrivateJet-Advisor secures quotes from 50 Plus Operators for client review and considerations. Please call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345

Charter agreements are issued by the operator, in accordance with DOT and FAA requirements the aircraft details disclose aircraft tail numbers and or ownership details. If the reader of this message is not the intended  recipient or an employee or an agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by calling the telephone stated above and return the original to us by mail. All quote and booking information is confidential. Flight information and in formation is not shared with other parties and is fully confidential.

All quotes are subject to change without prior notice—fully adheres to State, Federal and Overseas Regulations which may impact flight schedules and requirements for immunization and quarantine imposed on departing and arriving travelers,

Private Jet, Air Ambulance Services

Private Jets

PrivateJet-Advisor help you secure quotes from 50 Plus operators. Helping you compare aircraft and pricing side by side. You decide, No Credit Card needed to secure your best pricing

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