Prices for Private Jets

Private Jet Prices:

Searching for Private Jets prices can be a challenge- Explore your freedom and flexibility with Jet Costs 30% less Than Jet Cards or Fractional Ownerships, like timeshares in the air. With the help or our Team of Advisors we help you avoid Pricey Jet Cards, some of the operators will ask you to invest form $25,000 to $250,000. Consider this option when you fly hundreds of hours annually!  Last minute “Wheels Up Charters” are big money savers, when combined with “Open Legs” savings may range from 30-50%.
Great options for travelers with a flexible schedule.
We never ask you to pay memberships fees. On demand Charters are like you travel with UBER or Lyft—you buy one-on-one charters.
Luxury Interior Gulfstream with 14 seats

Flexibility takes flight:

You’re invited to ask us for a “Flexible quote”, you will be able to download several aircraft options and detailed quotes. The tools you need to make an intelligent decisions—–

  • Your quote includes, detailed flights and airports schedules, time and distances flown
  • Compare several aircraft type, options side by side with seating and photos of the interior and exterior fo your Private Jets
  • Prices are fully transparent for Charter Hours, Taxes and Fees if any
  • Your quote will update on on special “Perks” such as limo services provided by our Operators- take advantage of our Bundled Air Land Vacation Packages for additional savings.
Henderson Airport Las Vegas, gateway to the Las Vegas Strip- Wynn-Encore and new CIRCA opening Oct 28,2020

Your Charter Agreement:

Do you like your quote, ask us for a Charter Agreement with Guaranteed Rates, Flight Schedules and the identification of your Private Jet! Plus you may save 4-5%, the choice is yours!

  • Your charter agreement is issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized operator. Addressed to you via e-mail.
  • Your flights and schedules are confirmed
  • Guaranteed Charter Costs–no hidden charges or fees
  • You may pay by Credit Card or via Ban Check, this saves you from 4-5% in Bank fees and Charges
  • Full disclosure of your Aircraft and Registration information with the Tail Number and details pertaining to the Operator and Crew. 
  • Notice the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings–the very best

Covid-19 Concierge Services, 100% More Peace of Mind!

All Covid-19 Protocols are in place, with deep aircraft cleaning and disinfection procedures before your flight departure–Ground personnel has a long check list from the Belt Buckle to the hand railings and touch screens.  Take advantage of our “Touchless Flight Journey” details are included in your quote:
  • Your journey commences at your residence- a Private Car and Driver will meet You and your Pets for a direct transfer to the airport tarmac or hangar.  Proceed with plane-side boarding.  No TSA, No Lines and no crowded lounges.
  • In the safety of your Private Jet, no worry, the entire Jet Charter is yours–no strangers, only you, your guests and your Furry Friends.
  • Our Team Members will contact you by phone or e-mail to address all your needs. 



PrivateJet-Advisor serves its customers in obtaining air charter services from carriers that are fully certified and insured by the country of the airlines registration who remain solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by on behalf of their clients.  PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct or indirect air carrier(s) and does not own or operate any aircraft.  All Charter Agreements are issued directly to the client with Guaranteed Rates, Aircraft registration, including the “Tail Number” and Ownership of the aircraft.

Covid 19 Protocols are fully implemented- details will be addressed in your Quote and Charter Agreement- understand City, State and Federal Health Regulations may apply which are subject to frequent changes.

All quotes are limited to FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings.

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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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