Private Jet- Buy a Seat.

Private Jet- Gulfstream 14 seats

Private Jet- Buy a Seat.

Hundreds of requests are received each week for individual seats on Private Jet Charters.  Travelers prefer the convenience of a Private Jet flight since they save time, avoid crowds and experience a higher standard of in-flight services. Complimentary FREE beverages.  Private Jet flyers like to avoid crowded airports and arrive only minutes before departure.  Flying Private let’s you fly to over 3000 airports not served by commercial airlines. If you never experienced a Private Jet–this is a great option. We make it affordable.

We help you understand—  how you buy a seat on a Private Jet—Operators will book a flight with a single person and promote the open seats at a price which is based on the operational charter costs for the flight.  For example a Charter flight from New York to Las Vegas with a 14 seat Gulfstream may cost $35,000.  The per seats cost will be about $2,500-, Demand for weekends may strong–midweek flights don’t book to full capacity which may cause cancellations or delays. 

To reduce seat costs operators are using open legs whenever possible to offer the lowest price per sear options-however some flights may be cancelled at the last moment.  This may require the operator to increase seat cost prices or cancel the flight.  For the traveler this means a last minute scramble for a high priced seat on a scheduled airline.  Your best bet, a flight during a weekend in a high demand market like LAX to Vegas.

Your better options for seats in markets with high demand!

For travelers who fly from LAX, Scottsdale or Seattle.  You have the option to use a Tour Charter option with an Embrear 135 Aircraft with 30 seats.  Aircraft in this group are converted Commuter Jets with full in-flight services.   The flights depart from Private Airport Lounges- it’s OK to arrive 15 minutes before flight departure.

EMB 135- 30 seat Private Jet Configuration
EMB 135, 30 seat Private Jet from Burbank to Las Vegas for reservations contact our air concierge at P.702-336-7345. Rates per person from $700- to $1,200.***

Planning a trip from LAX for a Friday-Sunday weekend.  Flights leave from the Burbank Airport (Private Lounge) every two hours.  The same applies on the return from the Las Vegas Strip Airport. Per seat roundtrip costs for the Flights to Las Vegas from Burbank (Bob Hope) range from $800- to $1,200- per person. Our Concierge Team will be pleased to assist with your reservations.  Please call our airport desk at P. (1) 702-336-7345. We will send your quote and seat confirmation via an email message.  We also provide you with Trip Insurance information–just in case! A handling fee of $50- per person will apply!

It’s almost like a Private Jet—however you will be seated with other travelers who you do not know! It’s not like a private jet, but is comes close!  We leave it up to you to decide which option you prefer!

Comparing your own Private Jet with single seat options!

A Citation CJ3 with 7 seats will be priced from $9,600 to $11,000 for a Vegas weekend journey from Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne airports. The price per seat will be about the same–however the entire aircraft is yours. You set your own schedules and will be able to fly the newest airport in Las Vegas. The Henderson Executive Airport is located at the home of the Raiders and only minutes from the Golden Knights.  Remember you have to book the entire aircraft– you may share the cost of your flight with friends and family!


Enjoy your Privacy with a Private Jet Charter- the aircraft is yours to enjoy without any strangers.
Our recommendations:

When you fly with a larger party your own Private Plane charter is your best option with full privacy. You pick the schedule and departure and arrival airports.  No strange passengers, it’s secure and you make it your party flight! It’s the best of the best for you to enjoy!

For one or two passengers, sharing a seat on a 30 Seat Private Charter is cost efficient.  With more funds available for shows and fine dining.

For those who are not traveling to the Las Vegas Strip–individual seat availability is very limited–most likely this option will not address your needs.  A Private Jet Charter—or commercial air would be a best alternative. 

Count on our support!- We will provide you with multiple options!

Our Team Members are focused on your needs, we deploy the latest technologies to provide you Charter Options and Quotes from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners with hundreds of aircraft.  Each firm is eager to earn your business and will offer special budget concessions for off-peak travel periods. This includes midweek Jet Charters.

Expect the following information with your Private Plane- Charter quote:

  • Detailed schedules in local times with airport information and time flown between cities.
  • Photos- Images of the Private Planes we recommend for your journey.  Interior and exterior views with information about WiFi, Baggage and Washroom facilities.
  • Fully Transparent costs for multiple aircraft types- side by side rates allow you to compare and select a budget friendly options. Whenever possible we will offer Open Legs with cost savings of 30-60% and or seat options.
Unbiased, without Pushy Salespeople we are here to assist you:

You’re invited for a friendly chat to review your best options—as your Advisor our Team Members are here to provide you with the best solutions and budget options. Over 90% of all our requests we receive are price focused, frequent Private Jet flyers will specify a specific plane type.  Our Team includes a Dispatch and Air Concierge group.  Please contact us here:

  1. PRIVATE JET QUOTES:  Please call us at (1) 702-336-7345 or e:mail.
  2. CONCIERGE SERVICES:  Single Seats on Charter Jets.  View our Travel News here.

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PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology Portal which sources Private Jet Rental and Charter options from 50 Plus Alliance Partners FAA Part 135 Authorized. All Charter Agreements are issued by the Operator with details pertaining to guaranteed rates and availability.  PrivateJet-Adevisor does not own Private Aircraft. The firm is a fully Authorized IATA/ARC agency. A $50- booking charge applies for all Individual Private Jet Charter Seats. Details and information are submitted with each charter quote which is extended at no cost to the traveler.

All types of Private Jets- 4-30 Seats.





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