Private Jet Charters

Private Jets 4-30 seats

Private Jet Charters

Private Jet flyers enjoy big time savings, up to 4 hours for a typical day flight. Plus the enjoy the convenience of flying from a Private Lounge, no lines and TSA.  We help you secure the best buys and upgrades for your Jet Rental or Lease.  Take advantage of our simple quotes with multiple aircraft and pricing options.  We work for your as your Advisor- no need for credit cards or obligations when you request a quote.  Sorry we do not have any “Pushy” sales folks. Take advantage of our Leading Edge Technologies as a superior travel portal for Private Jets, Business Travel and Cruises. All our quotes include special options for travel and trip cancellations in case you are worried about the Corona Virus.  Feel free to call our airport desk at P.(1)702-336-7345. Last minute departures with “Wheels Up” from the Las Vegas Strip in 45 minutes. 

More and better options with your next Private Jet Charter.  Benefit from unbiased aircraft options from up to 50 FAA Private Jet Operators with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings. With multiple quotes from 50 plus operators who compete for your business, you will have the tools and information to make an intelligent budget decision.  Plus, a team of Jet Experts will be here to answer any questions your may have.  No need for credit cards or payments.  Should you wish to proceed you pay the operator direct and avoid the “Middleman”.

Savings with our “Hitchhiker Jets”

Take a Private Jet like UBER or LYFT, no memberships of on-going fees.  No need to purchase Pricey Jet Cards. You only pay for your charter hours. Rates as low at $1,900 per hour for a Phenom 100 jet with seating for 4 passengers.  Bigger savings are your with our”Hitchhiker Open Legs”–reduce your costs from 30-60%.  Deep discount are yours within 3-13 days before departure.  Send us a request and we help you with multiple quotes and discounted rates whenever available. Keeping it simple:

  • Send us your charter request, indicate your preferred airport departure time and destination—how many  seats will you need.
  • Do you have a flexible schedule? Works best with out Hitchhiker fares- 3-13 days before flight

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Single seats, Business Class Fares, Cruises and Tour Packages

PrivateJet-Advisor is the only firm with a fully certified Air Concierge Team, Authorized to issue Commercial Air Tickets. 

0 — Asks us about single seats on 30 Seat Private Jets from LAX to the Las Vegas Strip (Fri-Sun) flights. rates from $700- to $1,200 on peak days.  Lower discounted rates for midweek flights. Depart and arrive at a Private Lounge.

0– Party Jets with 12-14 and 30 passengers with seat costs as low at $1,000 per person for the 30 Seat Jet

0– Business Class rates on AA, DL and UA to most European Destinations—save $$$, receive seat assignments and all the benefits from higher priced fares.  Deal does not include Mileage Points– a small concession to make for big cost savings!

0– Two of one River Cruises in Europe–or FREE air with selected sailings. You share your wishes- enjoy more cruise for less money and Fly Business Class air to Europe.

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Contact us at (1) 702-336-7345- Airport desk charters and last minute “Wheels Up”

Concierge Travel Services, Visit us at Royalty Travel US, for all your travel needs,  Included travel warnings, passport and visa requirements plus cancellation, medical insurance protection


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Travel and Technology Portal which expedites your requests for Private Jets, Business Class Travel and Luxury Cruises and Hotel Stays. Over 50 plus Private Jet Operators compete for your business- providing you with substantial savings. Contact our airport desk for all types of aircraft, from the Pehnom 100, Cessna Citation, Lear and Gulfstream Jets with 4-14 seats.


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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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