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Are you considering a Private Jet for your next trip?  We are here to help you “Explore” and upgrade and secure all the help and support at one single source. A secure place to Rent, Charter or Lease a Private plane.  Your way with your budget at Amazing Prices bypassing the Brokers. Avoiding the middleman is a smart move, you will be able to select your own plane and seating. Over 50 Plus Charter operators will compete for your charter business—you also benefit from Team of Jet and Travel Experts who will be saving you time and make it a “totally” hasslefree and uncrowded journey!

Private Jets 4-30 Seats, Save Big with open legs

PrivateJet-Advisor, 30% LESS THAN PRICEY JET CARDS AVOIDING FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP During these unsettling times, 100% More Peace of Mind with our Door to Door Concierge Program.  No membership required—get your Jet Quote No Credit card needed to secure prices.   PrivateJet-Advisor quotes allow you to compare multiple aircraft and quotes side-by-side allowing you to make an intelligent decision.  

Private Flight Check List

PrivateJet-Advisor P.702-336-7345

Determine your flight schedule Airports, departure times
How many seats do you need? Don’t overbuy on seats- aircraft offer 4, 5, 8, 10, 12,14 up to 30 seats
You can search on the website for options and pricing—or ask us at PrivateJet-Advisor, a one stop shopping source for your Plane Rental, Charter or Lease. With a single request you receive the best prices from over 50 Plus Authorized FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators
Do I deal with a Broker or the Operator Direct? Consider PrivateJet-Advisor for a quote. No Credit Card needed.


Private Jet Advisor does all the work for you with one single request.

Brokers will take a net quote and include a commission—or sell you annual Memberships and Prepaid Jet Cards.

Operators may not have the best aircraft types in their fleet—this limits their ability to address your needs.


“ON DEMAND CHARTERS” are a better deal for you and your families will Fly like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft. No ongoing payments or risks.
Compare Aircraft types, seating, year build and WiFi and Range!


Help us save the environment, fly a Very Light Jet.

Make Certain that you compare seating arrangements? Does the aircraft have an enclosed washroom, how about WiFi and the year of delivery .   Avoid aircraft older than the year 2000.  This includes the Lear 35 and 45 series. They are known for high fuel consumption and costly operations.
The Best Jets for trips under 1500 miles. Consider this choice and option. Over 70% of all Jet Charter flights are under 1500 miles (About 2,3 hours) with an average of 3.2 passengers—a Citation CJ2 with up to 7 seats is a great option, or the Phenom 100 with 4 seats (no washroom) rates for $1,970 per hour.
Your Safety—what should I know Operators provide ARG/US with operational information and submit records for review—the very– best include ARG/US Gold, Platinum and Wingman.  The Charter Agreement will include this information.
How much is my charter Start with q quote request, this should include your flight schedule, distance flown to your destination in local times.  PrivateJet-Advisor will offer you multiple aircraft options with photos and seating plans. Rates are based on most recent flights and quotes in the Charter Airline system maintained by PrivateJet-Advisor.
Your Charter Agreement This is the document which details your “confirmed flight schedules” plus the Identification “Tail Number of your Private Jet.  And– the name of the FAA Part 135 operator.  Please take time to review:

·         Cancellation policies

·         Payment process, do you pay via a Bank Check, or credit card

·         Upcharges which may apply for Credit Card Payments

Phenom 100 Private Jet. Rates from under $2.000 per hour.
PrivateJet-Advisor how to fly private- the options are yours!

THE “UNEXPECTED”, our Team Members will be here to assist you with all your Charter and Travel Plans.  We have the latest information on Covid-19 Protocols and City, State and Federal Travel Regulations. 

Fir your safety- consider our Door-To-Door Touchless Flight options with Plane-Side Transfers.



PrivateJet-Advisor serves its customers in obtaining air charter services from carriers that are fully certified and insured by the country of the airlines registration who remain solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by on behalf of their clients.  PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct or indirect air carrier(s) and does not own or operate any aircraft.  All Charter Agreements are issued directly to the client with Guaranteed Rates, Aircraft registration, including the “Tail Number” and Ownership of the aircraft.

Covid 19 Protocols are fully implemented- details will be addressed in your Quote and Charter Agreement- understand City, State and Federal Health Regulations may apply which are subject to frequent changes.

All quotes are limited to FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum

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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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