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The biggest misconception that people have that our services limit their options to Private Jet Charters only. As your advisor our team of Jet Experts and Air Concierges introduce you all types of options.  This includes the Private Jet plus the services which are provided by the major commercial airlines.  It’s our mission to introduce you to multiple options with unbiased quotes from 50 plus Private Jet Charter operators. We select the very best options for you!  The benefits of a Private Jet Charter flight are a part of the Luxury experience.  Save at least 4 hours per travel day with a departure or arrival from a Private Lounge—No TSA, No lines.  Use your flight time to plan your trip and enjoy fine dining and WiFi entertainment.  The plane is exclusively yours–feel free to make schedule changes or make an extra stop to close a business deal. Private Jets are “Pet Friendly”

New for 2020- Weekends on the Vegas Strip, buy single seats and save!

Flying for a weekend to Las Vegas– consider buying a seat on a Private Jet Charter with frequent flights from Burbank to the Las Vegas Strip.  Enjoy the benefits from leaving from a Private Lounge and fly on a small Commercial Jet with only 30 seats to the Las Vegas Strip. The EMB Jet is a converted commuter jet with full cabin services. Enjoy a cocktail on your flight of one hour and 10 minutes. Flights depart on a two hour schedule.  Single seat costs range from $800 to $1,100.  Our Concierge Team will be pleased to provide you with flight schedules and arrange your flight.  Please contact us via email with your flight requests. Email us with your needs. 

It’s not the very same and privacy you enjoy with your very own Private Jet Charter—however this is a Budget Friendly solution for a Vegas Weekend on the Las Vegas Strip. We will be pleased to provide you wit flight schedules and quotes***

What’s my best quote for a Private Jet flight?

PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with the information you need to make an intelligent decision. With multiple aircraft types you will be able to view photos of the interior and exterior of the planes.  Look at the seat map for conference tables, washroom facilities and access to your baggage. For long haul overnight flights you may need to determine how many seats can be converted to “Lay Flat” sleepers. We know that most of our clients appreciate the availability of WiFi services. Will you be required to pay extra for entertainment packages based on your use? 

Gulfstream Seating for up to 16 guests
The Gulfstream Family of Jets–consider this type of Jet for incentive, group and weddings. Questions- support at (1)702-336-7345


Compare prices and plane types

You’re invited to ask us for a quote!.  Our team members have direct access through leading edge software programs to the inventory of 50 Plus FAA part Authorized Charter operators with hundreds of Private Jets. Upon receipt of your request, you receive the information to make a intelligent decision. Remember, private jets constantly move. The industry term for this is “Float” throughout the United States to secure your business.

  • Upon receipt of your request we will develop your flight schedule, in local times with flight times between airports.  View this in your quote!
  • We provide you with Multiple Aircraft options. Pictures of the recommended aircraft are yours with seating plans. Updates on washrooms and WiFi services
  • How much is you Private Jet?—our price sheet is fully transparent with all the fees and charges.  This includes your hourly charter costs, airport landing fees, local and federal taxes.  For ski trips you may be charged for special services such as deicing of your plane.
  • Commercial Air rates for Business Class services to Overseas destinations will be included—-benefit from our special Negotiated fares on major airlines.  The savings are yours.


Operators are eager to compete for your business, expect a 4% cash discount, included in your quote.  Plus whenever available we will include deep discounted rates for “Open Legs” available from 3-13 days before your flight departure.  Open legs are flights which are operated to meet clients or return the aircraft back to base of the passengers have been delivered to their destination.  Operators are eager to secure some compensation for fuel and crew costs.  Open legs save you from 30-60%.  Our Team Members will work for you and identify multiple options for major cost savings.   For example an open leg trip from San Francisco to New York with a Lear 60 – 7 seats is priced from $23,000.  For additional sample quotes, please text us at P.(1)702-336-7345.

Lear 60 Medium Jet 6 Seats
Best Buy Best Private Jet 6 Seats, Bar and WIFI Lear 60

As your PrivateJet-Advisor we work for you—No “Pushy Salesman” who will promote Pricey Jet Cards or Membership fees.  “On demand Charters” Like an UBER or LYFT are your best buys! 


Fully transparent quotes with multiple aircraft options are here for your to compare.  No need to pre-payments or credit cards to receive a quote.  We will be here to provide you with Guaranteed rates and Aircraft availability after you reviewed our quotes and rate estimates.  All Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Charter operators–we will recommend that you pay the Operator Direct. No middleman saves time and costs.

We always provide you with Business Class Air rates for Overseas flights–take advantage of our Special Negotiated air fares, you will be able to compare “Published rates” with our rates available, direct to you from our Concierge and Travel Team at Royalty!

Our Contacts:

  1. Airport desk, please text or phone (1)702-336-7345
  2. Email:
  3. Concierge Office–please e-mail Concierge Desk
  4. Travel updates, US Travel restrictions, please visit us.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, A Private Jet Technology Portal which deploys leading edge technologies to provide our clients with full transparent quotes for Multiple Plane, Charter and Rental options.   All transactions are fully confidential–we do not sell/share or publish your information or share your flights schedules with other parties. As your “Advisor” our firms does not own or operate any aircraft. Please consider the environment, please use all the seats on your private jet and share the costs with friends and family. Quotes are limited to aircraft operators with ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings.  The very best safety and quality ratings are yours.

*** A booking fee of $50- per passenger applies. Cancellation and change fees applies which are detailed by the operator. Arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure. We provide seat assignments. Flight are subject to availability, full payment is required at time of booking.  


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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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