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Private Jets are an important tool in the turnaround from the Covid 19 Virus. Flying Private means that you will be able airports which do not benefit from commercial air services.

As consultants we receive about 80-100 messages weekly. Here are the questions we like to share and may help you navigate your travel plans:

  • Are the Airports open during Covid-19? The answer is Yes, all airports which are under the control of the FAA are operational. This applies to all US Domestic flight destinations.
  • Do I need to be concerned about local restrictions or health requirements I need to need to follow? YES, this changes by destination, airport and state. Our Team Members will keep you updated and provide you with recommendations at the time you request a quote. Expect anytime changes!
  • Will we be able to bypass the TSA? Yes as always your Private Jet departs from a Private Airport lounge. One of the crew members will verify your ID before boarding.
  • How about Covid-19. Aircraft are all subject to deep cleaning during overnight layovers. Crew members will fully wipe down your seats and you hand baggage. Operators will keep crews together to minimize health risks.
  • Questions—our Team Members will carefully review your questions. Feel free to call us at P.702-336-7345.
Help you secure all types of Private Jets, P.702-336-7345

With the complex scheduling involved in the air charter business, the human role in aircraft chartering can never be fully replaced. By utilizing an expert who works first-hand to arrange the specific details of their air travel, customers can expect quality and reliability time and time again. One of our Team Members, you personal Private Jet Advisor will be here to assist. We anticipate all your needs, this includes your air and ground services. You will be able to reach us 24/7, before and during your flight.

Travelers Will Challenge Private Air Providers, with a Desire to Reach Remote Destinations  – Travelers are increasingly seeking more remote places to explore, with the desire for ultra- personalized experiences continuing to shape travel trends. With this, travelers will turn to flying private to obtain access to incredible, hard-to-reach destinations. One example is the remote islands of Fiji, offering empty beaches and welcoming villages. Our air concierge department is here to address all your needs. From a conference room for a business meeting to a reception on the Beach. Our meeting venue is in full compliance with distancing.

Falcon 50 Jet with 10 seats, Galley and Washroom

Bleisure Travel Will Boom – The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts global corporate travel spend will grow to an estimated $1.5 trillion in 2020. Based on booking trends and customer demand, Air Partner anticipates that travelers will push to make the most of their time away from home, often extending business trips by flying friends and family to meet them in a destination. Whether taking an extra day off after a tradeshow or delaying their return flights, simply share your needs with one of our team members. Feel free to grab a brochure from our Virtual Travel Store at Royalty Travel US. One of our Team Members will be pleased to secure your reservations. Do take advantage of our special perks for Suite Upgrades, complimentary transfers and free night stays.

Our Team Members, your Private Jet Advisors are Certified Jet and Travel Experts. Our mission to understand your needs and provide you with cost efficient Private Jet and Ground Services Solutions. The quotes you received are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized and are certified as ARG/US Gold or Platinum.

We do not recommend up front payments for Memberships or Prepaid Jet Cards which may require investment of $25,000 to $50,000. Such investments may be warranted for commercial firms which fly a minimum of 250 to 500 per year.

Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles, under 2 hours. For travelers in this group, a Turbo Prop or Very light Jet will be the very best and cost efficient aircraft options. Hourly pricing for the King Air Twin Turbo ranges from $1,400 to $1,900 per hour. The Twin Turbo aircraft are best choices for shorter flights from smaller community airports.

The most preferred light jet is the Phenom 100, a four seat fuel efficient aircraft with a range of 1,300 miles, about 2.3 hours flying time. This aircraft has a large luggage compartment- a washroom is not available. Prices range from $1,900 to $2,100 per hour. For longer flights travelers need to consider a light jet- within this category the Lear 31A with up to 8 seats is a excellent choice.

Each request is different, your aircraft options should be based on your flight time, number of seats you require and special needs for WiFi etc. Some of the smaller aircraft do not have washroom facilities. For families with children or older travelers we recommend an upgrade to a larger aircraft type.

We can help. Contact us at P.702-336-7345


PrivateJet-Advisor sources Private Jet quotes on behalf of our clients, over 50 Plus Alliance Partners who compete for your charter business. We deploy the latest technologies to search for the very best aircraft and flight options. All Charter Agreements include Guaranteed Rates and Confirmed flight availability. Please visit the Concierge Services provided by Royalty Travel US.

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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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