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Discover why travelers are flying Private Jets. The Corona Virus has changed the way we travel. Business Travelers are using Zoom meetings. Older business executives like to avoid crowded airports and even VIP Lounges. We receive a large volume of quote requests for Private Jet Rentals and Lease options from those who have never flown on a Private Jet. The leisure traveler is searching for a safe and secure way to travel. Our Team Members will be focused on your needs and guide you in a totally “Unbiased ” manner! Learn how much “How much is a Private Jet Charter”, Rent a Plane or Hire a Private Plane. Trip-by-Trip Solutions, no membership fees. Contact us at P.702-336-7345.

Midsize Jet with 6-8 seats

Why should I fly Private?

We discovered that most flyers each have their own reasons. Medical experts indicate that it’s very difficult to avoid crowds and Asymptomatic travelers on commercial airliners. Flying onboard a Private Jet let’s you travel from Private Airport terminal-lounges, without TSA lines and no lines. Take a moment to consider your needs and options. When the “Zoom” options no longer meet your needs, turn to PrivateJet-Advisor.

Belgium, Brugge- the place to visit and enjoy. Private Jet

It’s Pricey, should I consider?

Our Team works hundreds of quote request each week. Demand is strong from Commercial flyers who are considering an upgrade to a safer environment!

  • Private Jets typically depart and arrive from Private Airport Lounges (FBO’s Fixed based operators) You experience no lines, no TSA. Your flight attendant or one of the Pilots will meet you in the lounge and walk you to your aircraft. No need to arrive early, you set the time and schedule for your Charter Jet!
  • Time savings are typically from 4 to 5 hours. No need to arrive 2 hours before flight timefly to 4,000 airports. No stops and no need to wait for connections at hubs.
  • The entire plane is yours, bring your own guests- no need to worry about crowds, before and during your flight. You are totally safe since your plane is deep-cleaned and fully disinfected. No need to wear a mast during your flight! Your quote will detail all protocols followed.
  • You can manage the costs for your Private Charter. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles- on an average of 2,5 hours. You do not need to charter a big Gulftsream Jet with 14 seats. We recommend that you consider a Turbo Prop for flights under one hour, or upgrade to a Very Light Jet. Prices start at $1,600 per hour. Sharing the seats with your friends is a smart move, your costs are lower when you use all the seats—plus it’s best for the environment. When you fly for a weekend from John Wayne to Vegas your shared-pro rated costs is as low as $1,500 per person. Please ask us for a quote. For quotes visit us.
  • For longer flights, from places like LAX to Las Vegas to Chicago, or New York, Miami you need to upgrade to medium jet. Expect hourly rates from $2,600 and up for a Light and Medium Jets.
  • Your charter includes the services of a Captain and First officer. Standard catering includes Soft Drinks, Bier, Small miniatures and a generous snack basket. Most newer jets offer WiFi Data and entertainment services at no additional charge. Special catering options are available—
Business Class Upgrades

We are here to assist

We work with you to help you with quote and coordinate all your transfer, hotel and meeting room services. Over 50% of our travelers need to ensure that all details are in place to make a totally “hassle free” journey. Have your limousine or rental car plane-side when you arrive, or have a conference room for a airport meeting with clients. We make it work for you!

Our Team Members has access to the latest information pertaining to local restrictions. We work behind the scenes with local insiders and deliver a very authentic experiences. The moment you ask us for quotes and a customized itineraries one of our Travel Team- Advisors will be here to assist. You will be able to shop and have us update your programs to ensure that you derive the very best benefits such as upgrades and VIP receptions.

Optionally you may ask us to handle all the details for your trip. We will be here to assist you with the conversion of Mileage Points to Business Class Travel. We are totally focused on your needs and the other travelers in your party. Expect unbiased recommendations which are totally focused on your needs and wishes. Most websites will encourage you to buy programs and services–which generate the highest commissions. PrivateJet-Advisor is a totally integrated Jet and Travel portal.

The Ultimate Jetsetter:

The Ultimate program provides you with Flight and Travel Planning for one year:

  • Unlimited quotes for Private Jets, Discounted rate options for Business Travel on Commercial Airlines
  • Custom Itineraries designed to meet your specifications, we will continue to modify your options and secure all reservations
  • Benefit from special amenities at hotels, ground services and meet and greet services by our in-house by our Signature Partners throughout Europe and the Fast East, Australia.
  • Handle all your Visa and Health Documents in accordance with the destinations your visit.
  • Provide you with Medical and Evacuation insurance options. 24/7 Phone services during your travel–resolve cancelled flight or emergency issues. Please contact us E;Mail.
  • Annual program costs $1,775- prepaid via Credit Card. It’s like having your personal Concierge 24/7/365.

One time “Self Planner”

  • Helping you secure quotes for Private Jets, Discounted options for Business Travel on Commercial Airlines.
  • Provide you with assistance in the conversion of airline points towards commercial airline tickets.
  • Helping you with a review of the bookings you may wish to complete on Travel Websites such as Expedia, review hotels and ground services options.
  • Use our in-house information to update you on superior hotel options, free night stays and amenities whenever available.
  • Provide you with insurance options which include cancellation and medical evacuations.
  • A one-time charge of $275- applies- Please ask us for other services and options. No request is too small, please contact us at P.702-336-7345
German Castle, Rhine River Cruises

Our Credentials:

Weather you dream of falling asleep under canvas of Botswana or walking on the steps of the Eiffel Tower, we can design a journey by Private Jet, or Business Class air that’s customized, personal and life changing. We scout the best lodges, hotels, resorts and cruise lines. We use our first hand experiences to guide you.


Your trip will begin with an initial consultation to determine the Best Charter options, Commercial Business Air and potential use of airline and or credit card points. It will be our mission to navigate health and visa regulations.


Value- Your trip will never be more expensive if you booked with us than you booked it yourself or through someone else or automated systems. In many cases it will be cheaper. Each or Team Members are Certified Travel and Jet Experts (CTC’s). You will learn that we have relationships with guides and partners, and you will travel as a part of the Signature extended family.

Ann Geskes CTC: (Our Senior Advisor)

Ann Geskes CTC is one of our Senior Travel Executives who takes care of the VIP Casino Owners on the Las Vegas Strip. Her most loyal clients follow her from her past association with Beverly Hills Travel at the Polo Lounge. She will be able to contact Hotel Executive, Concierges and Limousine Travelers to ensure that your visit exceeds your every expectation. Before you start you journey your itinerary will guide you towards a special journey. Feel free to contact Ann at P.702-336-7345.

Private Jet-Advisor is a Royalty Company and offers travel services under the name of Royalty Travel. US. We feature Vegas programs at Vegas Express Jet. Our offices are located on the Las Vegas Corridor and have been serving the Las Vegas Resorts since 2001. You will be able to contact us at P.702-336-7345. Contact E:Mail



Private Jet Advisor is a Travel and Technology Portal which sources Jet Charter Services from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. All firms are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. Private Jet Advisor, a Royalty Company does not own or operate aircraft. All Charter Agreements are issued by the operator direct with Guaranteed rates and confirmed flight schedules. Royalty Travel and Frosch International provide tour and travel services with the Signature Group. We do not require credit cards for quotes.

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Background in the Aviation Industry, General Manager Airport Operations at Las Vegas and Kansas City. Director Leisure Marketing and Vacation Product development at American Airlines. Consulting Services for Delta Airlines Vacation programs---Consulting Services for scheduled airlines and FAA Part 135 Charter operations.

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