Private Jets I Corona Virus

Corona Virus- Private Jets

Private Jet flyers are seeking advise- how to plan ahead or play it safe and cancel now! All of us are searching for the best possible options—All our customers and most suppliers are offering flexibility with options for last minute flight cancellations to credits applied towards future flights within the next 12 months.  Our Team Members have contacted our travelers departing within the next 60 days to ensure that they have considered all their options.  Over 60% all booked flights will proceed as normal–unless last minute travel warnings by the State Department or Homeland Security issues special warnings. Commercial airlines are waiving most cancellations penalties and encourage travelers to re-book for later days.

For updated, please visit our Concierge Department website at Royalty Travel US.

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  • Staying away from large crowds reduces your risks of infections.  Private Airport lounges are typically not crowded- flying Private may be a best options since you avoid crowds and TSA Lines at airports.  Private Airport lounges are typically very “UnCrowded”.
  • Flying with your own Private Jet Charter ensures that you know each of your guests!
  • Just in case of a “Health Warning” you will be able to change your schedules and airport!

Cancellation Policies Private Jets:

The Corona Virus is typically not covered by Travel Related Insurance Policies. Here are some options you may consider:

  • Ask us to provide you with a quote which provides you with the ability to pay a small down payment upon acceptance of the charter agreement
  • Make your final and full payment shortly before flight departure (one week)
  • Remember the flight operator will not take any risks–to this end the operator may need to cancel the flight in the event a “Health Risk” is in play at your destination or airport.

Our Team Members will be here to provide you with a number of options—our Air Concierge Team has a number of postings on our Travel Website at www.RoyaltyTravel.US

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Private Jet Operators,  Hotels will be eager to make concessions to earn your business:

Consider a travel industry which is now under the impact of the Corona Virus.  Hotels, Airlines experience a deluge  of travelers who are re-booking flights and cancelling hotel stays. This may be a good time for you to consider your plans and avoid the crowds.

  • Private Jet Operators and Airlines will be posting special deals with lower rates, upgrades and fares which may be cancelled at the last moment
  • Cruise lines need to fill empty cabins–the daily images of the Diamond Princess in Hong Kong proved devastating.  Travelers need to be assured that the cruise industry has the Corona Virus under control–at the same time received authority to visit the ports of call.
  • Convention travel will be down since guests will be avoiding large crowds—hopefully this will be short lived.

Your “Bottomline”

It’s your decision to travel or not to travel—-travel within the USA is not a risk proposition.  You should avoid travel to some cities in Italy.  Be flexible and plan ahead with the understanding that you will book non-refundable hotels and services at the last moment.

Our Team Members are here to address any questions you may have.  We help you address cancellation issues and provide you with special offers and perks offered by our Alliance Partners.  Whenever we are unable to address your questions or needs we will secure an answer for you.

If you decide to postpone your travel–expect a wide range of “Compelling Options and Prices” from Jet Operators, Airlines, Hotels and Cruise Lines.  Feel free to leave us your special requests—we will follow-up with “Amazing Options” for your considerations.  


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