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Corona Virus- how do you travel.

May I share our roundup of the important changes people are making. Here is a short overview of the comments and requests we receive from our Private Jet, Luxury Travel, Cruise and Adventure Travelers. You will learn that some travelers will stay home–others will be traveling and search for great deals on cruises and vacation package.  PrivateJet-Advisor has an in-house team of travel advisers who will be here to help you search for great deals and options.  Cut the costs of a Private Jet by sharing up to 16 seats on a European Trip—or ask us for special discounted rates for First, Business or Premier air seats on airlines like UA, Delta, AA—. No risks on your part–only great savings! Please ask us for a quote—(1) 702-336-7345.

Business Class Air- Premier seating on flights to Europe, Please ask us for quotes–we handle custom travel packages for group and incentive travel.
  • Many of our older travelers have decided to postpone their short term trips. Concerns related to the Princess Cruise ships may have driven this decision.  Are the infections a result of the air circulation system on board vessels of this type. We simply don’t know at this time, how this virus is spreading.
  • Cancellations, empty cabins and over-capacity on the Mega Ships will be an issue, expect aggressive discounts with generous shipboard discounts and upgrades—
  • European River Cruise lines are offering free air from the US to Europe–albeit cabins can be pricey! Feel free to ask us for a quote—-
  • Don’t expect a slow season for Europe, our Concierge Team is swamped with request for Business Class Air Tickets–our Customer discovered that we offer substantial discounts on flights to all major European Cities.  To take advantage of the bigger discounts include a couple of hotel nights or a rental car.

Stay updated on the Corona Virus!

Our Team Members will be here to assist:

  1. Help you secure on quote for all types of Travel, Private Jets, Business Class Air, Premier Seating on all International flights.
  2. Help with insurance options and dull disclosure of your limits and risks—-Expect on-going changes as the virus danger will decline
  3. Our Travel Team includes Certified Travel Counselors who specialize in tailor crafted business and vacation packages. Please contact us at (1) 702-336-7345 or e:mail.
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Making the best of it–we help you with options and solutions which meet your needs. Our Concierge Team is here to assist- 702-336-7345

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PrivateJet-Advisor is a Luxury Travel and Private Jet Portal which provides you with intelligent and cost efficient travel options. This includes special Perks and Upgrades at Hotels, Cruise Lines and Private Jet flights. Please contact us at P.702-336-7345.  PrivateJet-Advisor does not own or operate aircraft–however we source quotes from 50 plus Alliance Partners who are rated ARG/US Gold or Platinum. None Betters.  We are also a full services Travel Agency. All our Team Members are CTC Certified. We like to be your home-town travel consultant, close to your home!  We will be pleased to meet with you at your place of work or residence—or our offices.

Your Privacy:  We do not share any travel information unless you provided us with your written permission. All Charter Agreements are issued by the operators with Guaranteed Pricing and Aircraft Availability. You pay the operator direct via Bank Wire or Credit Card.  We are “Pet Friendly” please share your wishes!

Pet Friendly PrivateJet-Advisor.com
We take goof care of your furry friends–share your needs and make i work for you on-board our Private Jets. Commercial Airlines have special rules and regulations. We will be her to share.

Business Class Air I Private Jets


PrivateJet-Advisor is now including Business Class Air options with all Overseas Jet Quotes. This is an addition to the multiple quotes which are extended by 50 Plus Alliance partners included in our Private Jet Portal. 


Take advantage of our “Flexible quotes“- simply pick a date and time for your departures and select a plane. You now have the ability to receive a custom quote from our Jet Portal and the Technologies which gather information submitted by 50 Plus Private Jet Operators.  Each firm is a Fully Authorized FAA Part 135 with the highest quality safety ratings ARG/US Gold – Platinum.

All types of Private Jets- For support P.(1) 702-336-7345


  • Your flight schedules, departure and arrivals in local times. Plus you will be able to view the miles flown and time of each flight segment.
  • Photos of the interior and exterior of the jet type.  This includes the seating and availability of washrooms and WiFi entertainment.
  • Price details, a fully transparent rate proposal with your ability to view several aircraft options.  You rate includes your flight hours and costs, Federal Taxes and Local Taxes for airport use, aircraft parking. Additionally charter may apply for deicing  at Ski Destinations Airports.
  • Special “PERKS” are yours and extended by the flight operators.  This include cash discounts for Bank Check Payments, savings of 30-60% for open legs.


Overseas flight to Europe, Pacific, China will include “Amazing Offers” for Confirmed Business Class Air on all major Airlines.  This includes AA, DL and UA.  It’s a cost savings option, plus it’s better for the environment. Sharing a seat with many travelers reduces the Carbon footprint on a per seat bases.  Visit our Concierge Website.


Our Team Members have direct access to the latest technologies to provide you with Custom Quotes.  Feel free to address your special needs with our Charter Coordinators.  We can assist with your Pet Travel or handle ambulance services. Our Travel Experts will here to provide you with Custom Crafted itineraries and ground packages.  Our destination programs include Wedding Packages (KNOT), Mansion Stays at properties with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. 

Group Rates for Business and Inventive Travel, Wet Leases for Music groups and sports team. Commercial B737 or Airbus Jet Charters with 160 to 300 plus seats.  Please contact us at P.(1) 702-336-7345. EMail us.

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PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology Private Jet Portal which provide you with Aircraft Solutions and detailed quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm has the highest quality and safety ratings. (ARG.US Platinum or Gold) All charter agreements are offered with Guaranteed prices and issued by the Flight Operator Directly to the Traveler. PrivateJet-Advisor does not own or operate any aircraft.  All quotes and information is fully transparent in accordance with FAA and DOT regulations. You will be asked to pay the operator direct.

G 200 with seating for 10
A Jet Portal which provides you with better prices and options. G200 with 10 seats. P.702-336-7345.