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Private Jet Rental


No surprises, over 90% of all our requests are from travelers who are in search of the question– “How Much is a Private Jet”. Locating the best options and Private Plane can be a challenge.  Some brokers and operators only provide you with the costs of the Charter hours. When you hire a Private Jet you will be required to pay all charter costs and taxes before your flight. Use PrivateJet-Advisor for multiple charter rates without the need to deal with “Pushy Sales Types”–we do the work for you.


How much is a Private Jet?—as your PrivateJet-Advisor we are here to address your needs.  As a Private Jet Technology Portal our Team Members will access of 50 Jet Operators. Each firm is FAA Part 135 Authorized.  Our selections are based on Charter flight operators with the highest quality and safety rations.  This includes WYVERN, ARG/US GOLD or PLATINUM.  All planes are operated by a Captain and First Officer. Having two pilots provides you with an extra layer of safety.

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Fully transparent quotes allow you to compare multiple aircraft options, up or downgrade to fully control your costs:

  • YOUR FLIGHT SCHEDULE:  Is fully detailed with departure and arrivals in local times.  This includes your flight time and distance.
  • AIRCRAFT:  View photos of the interior and exterior of the aircraft.  We update you on the number of seats, WiFi services and space for you bags.  Some aircraft provides you with access to your baggage during your flight.  YES, we like you to consider multiple plane types.
  • CHARTER COSTS:  This includes the hourly charter pricing, landing and handling fees, local airport tax and FET of 7.5%. (Over 40% of all charter operational costs are fuel related, Taxes and Fees may represent up to 20% of your charter)
  • BIG SAVINGS-PERKS: Receive special options for One Way Rates or Open Legs (Hitchhiker Rates) with discount from 30-60%. Open legs are flights which are operated to meet and greet travelers without any revenue passengers–the same applies to flights which return to base.  Operators are eager to make a deal to secure some compensation for fuel and crew costs.  Please call us at (1) 702-336-7345


“Unbiased quotes” are based on the best options for you and your party.  Over 50 Plus Operators compete for your business. We are here to help you compare the best aircraft, prices and services. View our quotes and compare multiple aircraft–from a Very Light Jet like the Phenom 100 or the Cessna to a Midsize Lear 60. We will be here to assist with the best options for you and your part. All aircraft types from 4-30 seats. SHARE the costs of your Private Plane with friends and family.


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  • Travel Planners-Air Concierges for Ground Services and Rate Quotes for Deep Discounts for Business Class Air for International flights with major airlines, this includes AA, BA, DL, AF.  For Travel news visit Royalty Travel US.
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Private JetAdvisor.com is a single source for Private Jet Charter and Rental Services. Our Mission to provide you with Unbiased quotes and aircraft information from 50 Plus Charter firms.  You compare multiple quotes–we are here as your advisor.  We do not own or operate aircraft—all  inquiries are “Confidential”. We don’t share your personal information with social network sites.   We take your Privacy very seriously.  Our options and recommendations do not require you to subscribe to memberships or invest in prepaid  jet cards.  Such options should be considered by commercial Jet Flyers only.  You can fly like UBER or LYFT only pay for the ride-flight.


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Charter Technology Portal which provides you with better charter solutions allowing you to compare various aircraft and price options. All types of aircraft with 4-30 seats.  Special options for group travel with Private and Commercial Jets. Explore special discounts for Business Class Air.

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seat map- standard with quotes please call for a quote Text or Call P.(1)702-336-7345

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People Ask:

Private Jet Charter Prices, Empty Legs, Can I take my Pets?, Jet Charter, Tour Packages and Business Class Air. How much does it cost to fly private, what is the cheapest private jet, Can I rent or lease a plane. Do explore a totally different way to fly Private. Jet rental and lease options are yours without any obligations or payments.  PrivateJet-Advisor has a team of Jet Experts, here to help you search for the best Plane Charter options at affordable prices.  You compare your options and aircraft types with fully transparent quotes–no hidden fees or charges.  Plus your transactions are fully confidential–we respect your privacy!


We process hundreds of requests for support and are totally focused on your needs, you schedules and preferences. No surprises here, over 90% of our Private Jet flyers are focused on the Price of the Charter.  Experienced private jet travelers are more specific and prefer and specific type of plane. It’s our mission to deliver:

  • Unbiased quotes from Charter Operators (FAA PART 135) which deliver the best services at the lowest prices.
  • As you advisor- we provide you with fully transparent quotes which include your flight schedule in local times, aircraft photo’s interior- exterior with you seat maps.
  • All Inclusive rates which include your Flight Charter Hours, Airport Charges and all Taxes. 
  • Compare “Side by Side” rates for Multiple Jet Types—feel free to upsize or downsize. 
  • Free Support, ask questions and solutions for closer airports, overseas flights and passengers who need special services.  We will be pleased to recommend Ambulance Operators.
  • Options for “Last Minute Flights”— we may be able to offer you a special of “the Day”.
  • Discounts offered to you by operators for Direct Bank Payments
  • NEW Hitchhiker Charters “Open legs” with discounts from 30-60%.
View your seating and floor plan- select the best plane for your journey. Need help contact us at P.702-336-7345


You’re invited to take advantage of our Team of Jet Advisors and Air Concierges. No “Pushy” sales pitches. Fly like you travel with LYFT or UBER without the need to purchase pricey memberships or prepaid jet cards with up of front payment.  You simply select the best quote and ask for a Charter Agreement. 

Your Charter Agreement is issued by the Private Jet FAA Part 135 Operator. Review your schedule, “Guaranteed Rates” and pay the operator direct! Please review the information before you sign and approve—feel free to ask us for support. Simply call our support desk at (1) 702-336-7345.

Pets are welcome
Bring your furry friends, ask us at (1) 702-336-7345. No additional charges of fees.


Over 50 plus Private Jet operators compete for your business,  they may extend special incentives which may include complimentary catering services, ground transfers or free night stays at Mansions in California and the Las Vegas Strip.  Please view the details in your FREE Charter quote.


PrivateJet-Advisor.com you best and single source for Private Jet Charter Rates- “How much is a Private Jet”. Save from 30-60% on empty flights. Take advantage of our Hitchhiker recommendations extended by 50 plus Private Plane operators who compete for your business.  For business Class air fares, hotel accommodations please contact our Concierge Team at JetExpert@RoyaltyTravel.US. 

Ski Trips to Denver
We help you select the best aircraft. Enjoy more time of top of the mountain when you fly Private.




Assist you with the search for the Best Prices P.702-336-7345

Private Jets I Best Choices for 2020

Jet Charter options and prices  for 2020

Time Savings, Ability to use Airports not served by commercial airlines, are important for over 60% of our Business and Luxury Travelers. The comfort or a Private Plane with the privacy rated as a close second. Flying Privately more executives voice concerns about security including Cyber-Security.  PrivateJet-Advisor and a team of Jet and Travel Experts is totally committed to providing fully transparent quotes. You’r invited to explore the support we provide.  

Better solutions for your Private Jet flights are here.  We receive hundreds of requests daily for Private Plane Charter quotes. Save up to one day of travel time, all flights depart from Private Airport Lounges–NO TSA, NO WAITING.   We learned that our travelers prefer one single source for their Jet Charter or Rental needs. Our Team Members now have access to leading edge software technologies. When you need a Private Plane quote you receive the following:

  • Private Jet Charter quotes. No fees or need to purchase Memberships or Pre-Pay Pricey Jet cards.  You avoid paying from $5,000 to $25,000 for a Jet Card. Fly like you ride with UBER or LYFT–pay for your flight only. No commitments or obligations on your part!
  • PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with “Unbiased” rates and aircraft details from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm is eager to secure you Charter Booking—we simply allow you to view the best prices and Airplane options.   
  • You simply compare side by side options, with aircraft photos and the details you need to make an intelligent decision.
  • No need to deal with Pushy Sales People, the choice is yours.  As your PrivateJet-Advisor our Team Members will be here to provide you with the support your need. Before, during and after your Private Jet Journey.  

How much is a Private Jet?

Over 90% of all quote requests are submitted for Jet Prices or Charter Costs.  Business and Leisure Travelers who are frequent Jet flyers will ask a series of questions before they decide.  As you Advisor, our Team Members will review you entire request and include multiple options with the lowest available Charter prices.  Receive special quotes for “Open Legs” with cost savings from 30-60%** plus a 4-6% instant discount for cash payments, directly to the operator.

 We suggest you consider a number of options–and consider your needs:

How much is the price for a Private Jet? 

  • VERY LIGHT JETS:  The newest and budget friendly.  This includes the Phenom 100 with 4 seats and a spacious interior designed by BMW. A spacious  baggage compartment great for sports gear. This Jet has a range of 1300 miles, has a speed of 380 Mph and has an hourly charter rate of $1,995- to $2,100- per hour. Well suited for regional flights. Need more seats? Consider the Cessna Cj3 Light Jet with up to 7 seats at a cost of $2,200 to $2,400 per hour.

  • LIGHT JETS: The Lear 31A will carry up to 7 passengers–this group of aircraft has a longer range, up to 3.5 hours. Rates from $2,500 to $2,800 per hour.

Lear 60- 6 seats

  • MEDIUM JETS: This type is the preferred plane charter for Business Travelers.  The Lear family of jets is among the fastest  aircraft which is well suited from flights from Chicago to LAX, Seattle to Las Vegas to Dallas or Phoenix.  Seating for up to 7 passengers.  The Lear 60 has a range of up to 4 hours. Expect hourly charter rates from $3,300 to $3,600 per hour. Many are WiFi enabled.
G200 for support call P.702-336-7345, PrivateJet-Advisor. No request is too small.
  • SUPER MEDIUM JETS: This is the “Darling” of the Private Jet industry.  The Gulfstream 200 has a large interior with a standup ceiling.  The spacious cabin includes a forward galley and accessible baggage compartment during flight.  The washroom will be appreciated by lady travelers. Within the same category consider the Challenger 604 also a Bombardier Jet with up to 12 seats.  Hourly charter rates from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour. This aircraft is well suited for flights from LAX to New York, Miami or Orlando.


  • HEAVY AND LARGE CABIN JETS:  Consider the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 and Global with up to 16 seats  as your preferred options for flights to the Caribbean, Europe or Hawaii.  All aircraft in this group feature lay flat seats for overnight flights,plus  a large galley and WiFi–some for Over Water flights. Expect hourly charter rates from $6,000 plus. A number of a planes in this group have a range of 8300 miles–you can fly nonstop from Hollywood to Peking China. 
  • FOR GROUP, INCENTIVE OR SPORTS TRAVEL:  Please contact one of our team members are P.(1) 702-336-7345. Recommended aircraft include the B737, Airbus with 160 at rates from $13,000 per hour. 

Need to know:

Comparing rates and quotes can be difficult, all quotes you receive from PrivateJet-Advisor include all Federal Taxes and fees. Federal taxes of 7.5% apply to all US Domestic flights.  Local Airports charge landing, parking or fees for facilities. With multiple rates supplied by our team, you will be able to view side by side aircraft types and prices.

Special Perks:

Take advantage of special offers and options detailed in your Charter Quote extended by a PrivateJet-Advisor. Our Team members will include Complimentary Transfers by Limousine as offered by our Charter Operators. Other options include catering services and special FREE night offers at Mansion Properties at LAX, Hawaii or Las Vegas.

After you review your Charter quote, please request a “Charter Agreement” issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operator.  Your rates will be “Guaranteed” with a confirmation of your schedule and flight availability.  You pay the operator direct via your Credit Card or Bank wire option.  

** OPEN LEGS, are flights which are operated from the aircraft base to a pick-up point for passengers.  The same applies when the Jet returns to base after the passengers arrive at their destination. Since the operator has no revenue passengers on such flights, also known as open legs firms will offer such flights at discounts from 30-60%. Open Legs are available in our system from 3-13 seats before flight departure.  Our Team Members will always include the lowest price in your quote. 

SUPPORT:  One of our Team Members will be assigned to your account (Sorry no Pushy Sales), at the time you request a quote.  Our Team will benefit from our in-house technologies to provide you with the Very Best Rates and search all the rates posted by 50 Plus Alliance Members.  You benefit from better options and solutions.  No risks on your part.  All your transactions with PrivateJet-Advisor are fully confidential.  For the latest updates and travel news please visit our Concierge Team at Royalty Travel US.


PrivateJet-Advisor is a Technology Charter Technology  Portal which provides you as our client with “Unbiased Charter Quotes and special offers” extended by our FAA Part 135 Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum Standards. (None better). All charter flights depart from Private Airport Lounges. No lines and NO TSA. Please reach us at P(1)702-336-7345 (Feel free to text) or e:mail.

FAA Part 135 Operators issue all Charter Agreements for client review and approval- PrivateJet-Advisor does not own-operate any aircraft.