Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Jet Charters

Here to assist you with your visit to the Tokyo Olympics–the Private Jet allows you to determine your own schedule. With departures and arrivals from Private lounges you will benefit from substantial time savings. PrivateJet-Advisor offers you the support you need to enjoy a “Hasslefree Journey”.  This is a good time to secure rate quotes and proceed at a later date, upon confirmation that the Olympics will move forward as scheduled.  In the meantime, no risks or obligations on your part.  Sharing the costs of your Private Jet with friends and family is a smart move.  

PrivateJet-Advisor provides you with a  number of rate quotes sourced from 50 Plus FAA Part Operators. With a series on unbiased rate quotes you will be able to compare aircraft types, seating and sleeper arrangements. The tools you need to make an intelligent decision.

Tokyo Jet Charter information for your visit with your private air charter with flexible schedules customizing your visit to the Olympics.  Our Team Members are amongst the most knowledgeable helping you determine which aircraft types meet your needs.  You will be able to travel in full privacy with a group of travelers you know.  

Tokyo Olympics- Information Private Jets, Quotes P.702-336-7345

How much is a Private Jet to Tokyo

To cover the long haul over water distance you need to consider the Global Express 5000 jet with up to 14 seats, the 15 seat Gulfstream IV (SP) or the Gulfstream V.  Depending on the weather (wind conditions) aircraft may be required to make one fuel stop.  The airports most frequently used include Anchorage Alaska or Honolulu Hawaii.

One way prices range from $95,000 to $110,000 with seating for 14-16 passengers one way.  We recommend that you provide our Team Members with your preferred dates and flight requirements.  Please share your needs:

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Our Team Members provide the following services

In addition to a number of detailed and fully transparent rate quotes, we help you address the following:

  • Aircraft types and seating which meet your needs.
  • Your flight schedules
  • Parking Permits and slot times at airports, this includes the Narita and Haneda (Commuter) Airports
  • Permits required for aircraft and crew
  • Customs Clearance Japan and upon return to the USA
  • Your in-flight requirements and costs for Transpacific WiFi services
  • Aircraft catering services and customized meal services to meet special diet requirements for sports activities
  • Pre-flight meetings at conference rooms at Private Airport Lounges

One of our Team Members will be designated as your Flight Advisor at the time you proceed with your Charter Booking.

Full Air and Ground Services- Support

Take advantage of our support team, secure rates for Business Class Air Fares on all major airlines. Please ask for quotes:

Scheduled Carriers, rate quotes for Premier and Business Class rates. We recommend early bookings to take advantage of special offers.
Hotels, Transfers and Special Services- please visit our Concierge Website at Royalty Travel US. 

Feel free to ask us for ground services and transfers with Luxury Mini Coaches and English Speaking escorts and security services. All transactions are fully confidential–we do not share customer information or flight schedules without the written and prior approvals of our travelers.


Vegas Express Jet, PrivateJet-Advisor and RoyaltyTravel.US are not direct air carrier firms. All flights are operated by FAA Part 135 licensed US carriers. All flights are subject to the terms and conditions of individual Charter Agreements issued by the flight operators.

Royalty Travel US is an Authorized Travel Portal CCRA TRUE 99901760

Administrative Offices located at 5132 Tennis Court Street E.  Suite 101, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333




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